Chime in: Should Microsoft release a Surface trackpad?

Folks who want an all-around Microsoft Surface computing experience have a number of great options for peripherals to use with their Surface PCs, including a few different Surface mice (Surface Arc Mouse, the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition and the simple Surface Mouse And there's the Surface keyboards (regular and ergonomic Then there's the Surface Dial.

But for some reason, there's no official Surface trackpad, even though Windows supports many valuable gestures. I created a thread in our Surface forums to discuss.

I'm a relatively new Windows/Surface convert, and before I switched from Mac to Windows, I'd been using macOS for years. I'm also a big keyboard shortcut and gesture guy, meaning I actually take the time to learn and remember as many shortcuts and gestures in the OS I'm using as possible, because they genuinely help me get more work done faster. Before making the switch from Mac to Windows,...

Al Sacco

Why do you think Microsoft has not released a Surface trackpad? And if it did, would you buy one? I certainly would, and I hope Microsoft makes this move sooner than later. Hit the link below, pop over to our forum and chime in.

From the forums: Why is there no Microsoft Surface trackpad?

Al Sacco

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