The Surface Book 2 is one of our favorite laptops. It's sleek, slim, and powerful, rocking quad-core processing options and serious laptop GPUs from NVIDIA. It's also a 2-in-1, with a separate tablet mode, allowing you to place the device flat for inking and drawing. It can run games competently thanks to its powerful graphics processing, and also works well for serious work programs such as those found in Adobe CC.

Given the versatility of this device, every user's accessory set-up is potentially different. As such, we'd like to hear about what your favorite accessories are, and how you're using the Book 2.

Al Sacco
Al Sacco

Windows Central has a ton of coverage of the Surface Book 2, including a recent post from Xbox Editor Jez Corden on his personal must-have accessories for Surface Book 2. It's a great post that got me thinking about the tech I use along with my Surface Book 2 that I just couldn't do without ... or really wouldn't want to at least. Many of mine are the same as Jez's recommendations, but one he...


I'm using a combination of streaming equipment, gaming accessories, and art gear to complete my Surface Book 2 experience. I'm now exploring options for portability, better desk organization, and other types of office equipment to really get the most out of my work experience since this is my sole computing device. I've rounded up some of my favorite accessories in a previous article.

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Jump in the forum thread above and let us know how you're using your Surface device, whether it's a Pro, Book 1, or beyond. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

The Surface Book 2 is available now, starting from $1200.

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