The HyperX Cloud Mix wired Bluetooith gaming headset is down to $129.99 at Best Buy. This is a headset that regularly sold for around $200, although these days you can find it going for a bit less than that at some retailers like Walmart. The drop to $130 is still one of the lowest we have ever seen and a great deal if you're interested in HyperX.

Mix it up

HyperX Cloud Mix wired gaming headset and Bluetooth

Includes 40mm dual-chamber drivers for hi-res audio, a flexible detachable boom mic for communicating while gaming, and Bluetooth with a 20-hour battery life for portability. Go wired for gaming so you don't have to worry about the battery.

$129.99 $200.00 $70 off

The Cloud Mix is HyperX's attempt at appeasing both the hardcore gamer and the music listener on the go. If you don't want to buy more than one headset based on the situation, then go with this one that mixes the best of all the worlds. This definitely a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none situation where the headset does a lot of stuff well but doesn't excel with any of them. Still, if you're more interested in limiting clutter and sticking to a limited number of devices for the simplicity of it, the Cloud Mix could be exactly what you're looking for.

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Gamers get a wired headset with powerful 40mm dual-chamber drivers that produce hi-res audio, a flexible boom mic for talking with teammates and trash talking enemies, and wide compatibility with computers, consoles, and more.

The audiophile on the go gets a detachable cable and mic, Bluetooth for connecting to any smartphone or tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device, and in-line audio controls that make it easy to adjust on the fly.

No matter which type you are at any given time, you will appreciate the headset's long-term comfort and durability. It also has intuitive onboard controls, which makes it easy to take and receive calls. Plus it comes with a carrying case and USB charging cable along with a PC extension cable for when you need some extra length.

HyperX covers the Cloud Mix with a two-year warranty. You can read the Windows Central review here.

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