Confession: we rarely, if ever, use screen protectors. We prefer the tried and true “just be careful with it” approach with our smartphones but the Lumia 1020 has us thinking differently. That’s because we all know the Lumia 1020 costs a bit more and perhaps we’ll want to take extra steps to protect it.

We picked up the Moshi iVisor AG screen protector from our local AT&T store and figured we’d give it a try.

What’d we think? Head past the break for some images and a video tour.

The Moshi iVisor AG is an anti-finger and anti-glare screen protector. It’s reusable in the sense that you can peel it off, wash it, let it air dry and then re-apply. While that’s possible, you’ll have to be super careful that dust doesn’t land on the adhesive side while drying. Still, it’s a nice option—in theory.

Applying the Moshi was effortless. We wiped down our display with the included cloth, peeled the back and simply aligned the protector. Total time? 90 seconds. The iVisor AG covers 99% of the display, including the capacitive buttons near the bottom. As a result, there are square cutouts for those buttons and it looks a tad odd, but overall it’s not too bad. The AT&T logo was a smidge off center, but we had no bubbles and it was a clean install.

Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020

Touch sensitivity was not reduced and in fact, the Lumia 1020 felt really nice to use with iVisor AG installed. The screen is significantly more matte (glare free) than before and fingerprints are virtual gone from regular usage. Not everyone likes matte screens though, so make sure you consider that before buying. Reduced color and clarity is technically a concern but so far, we don't have any complaints.

Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020

The Moshi iVisor AG goes for $25 at AT&T stores and while that is stupid expensive, we have to admit we kind of like the look and feel of it. Between gaining screen protection, reduced glare and a cleaner display, the $25 doesn’t really feel wasted—and that’s from a screen protector skeptic. 

Moshi iVisor AG for Lumia 1020