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2 years ago

New Windows 10 PC preview build 10074 released for both Fast and Slow rings

2 years ago

Watch the replay of Microsoft's Build 2015 keynote event right now!

2 years ago

Evernote introduces new pricing structure with three tiers


Popular note-taking service Evernote announced a new pricing structure today, splitting the service into three tiers: one free and two paid. While Evernote previously had only a single paid tier, the company says that they were driven to split the service into two paid tiers, Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium, to provide more options for customers.

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2 years ago

Two new videos show the promise of Microsoft HoloLens, more info coming at E3 2015

2 years ago

New video shows how Windows 10 phone apps can work on a big screen with Continuum

2 years ago

All Windows 10 devices have access to 'developer unlock' mode through Settings


Today, Microsoft gave more information about Windows 10, including the universal Windows Apps model. Details were presented in the breakout sessions called 'Introducing the Windows 10 App Model' earlier in the day.

One bit of news we can confirm is that all Windows 10 devices, including phones, tablets, and PCs, can be developer unlocked through a toggle switch in Settings.

Sightings of such a feature were noted in the recent 100061 build of Windows 10 for desktop, although it did not work (it was under 'For Developers', see below). The feature just missed the flight for the current Technical Preview, but it should be in the next release.

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2 years ago

Microsoft Edge and its features are spotlighted in new video and IE blog post

2 years ago

Check out these videos for all the great new stuff in Windows 10

2 years ago

Microsoft details the Windows Holographic Platform for HoloLens

2 years ago

Continuum will be built into Windows 10 for Phones, turning your phone into a PC

2 years ago

More Windows 10 features like Windows Spotlight lockscreen shown at Build 2015

2 years ago

New Windows 10 tablet interface gets detailed

2 years ago

Cortana will integrate deeper with Windows apps, bring minor UI changes in upcoming build

2 years ago

So long Project Spartan, Microsoft Edge is here!

2 years ago

Microsoft introduces tools to let developers quickly compile iOS apps for Windows 10

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