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2 years ago

Mobile Nations Community Update, September 2014

Mobile Nations Community Update

It's time again to wrap up the goodness going on around Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central... The September edition of the Mobile Nations Community Update is a GO.

2 years ago

Microsoft releases minor update for Nokia Camera on Lumia Windows Phones

2 years ago

LYNE, a Windows Phone puzzle game with a minimalistic approach


LYNE is a simple Windows Phone puzzle game that has been around the Store for some time. We were tipped on the game over the weekend and found LYNE to have a slick look, casual pace and an appealing gaming title.

LYNE has hundreds of puzzles that challenge you to connect the same colored shapes with a single line. Available for low-memory devices LYNE is a smooth puzzle game with only one glaring downside - no trial version.

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2 years ago

History repeats itself as Xbox One encounters poor Japanese launch sales

2 years ago

Opera updates its beta for Windows Phone, asks community for feedback


It was only yesterday when Opera threw up its Mini web browser for Windows Phone, opening up the beta program for the Windows Phone community. After covering the app itself and using it for some time, it's clear to see there's some work to do. The team behind the app have already released an update today and are actively encouraging everyone to provide feedback to help them work on bugs and improvements.

Update: it seems as though this update actually makes the app more unstable, according to comments received (and we've just confirmed the crash issue ourselves).

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2 years ago

Qualcomm targets entry-level segment with LTE-enabled Snapdragon 210

2 years ago

Fhotoroom Windows Phone app gets updated with over 100 fixes and improvements

2 years ago

Microsoft Store now selling BLU Win Jr phone

2 years ago

Play Destiny on Xbox One with fellow Windows Phone Central readers


I'm sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver my Ghost Edition of Destiny for the Xbox One. I won't lie; I'm super jealous of all you guys and gals already playing without me. That said, even though you may be playing it already, you'll need to find some extra players to complete things like raids in Destiny. Don't have a busy friends list on Xbox Live? You're never alone when you're with us.

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2 years ago

Deal Alert: MetroPCS selling Lumia 521 for just $19 in its stores

2 years ago

Lumia 830 coming to AT&T by the holidays, Stephen Elop says

2 years ago

Apple announced the iPhone 6, so we're giving away a Lumia 830 and Lumia 735!

2 years ago

BLU Win JR unboxing – The best $89 you can spend on a Windows Phone


Earlier this week, we reported that BLU is selling their new Win JR Windows Phone direct through (direct link). The fully unlocked, dual-SIM device is the first Windows Phone from the fledgling company and at $89 and no contract, it seems too good to be true. At the time, we noted how ours was on the way and sure enough, Amazon delivered it on time today.

So, how good can a $90 Windows Phone be? Watch our video unboxing and hands on to find out. Spoiler alert: it gives Lumias a run for their money.

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2 years ago

Microsoft reportedly close to buying Minecraft maker in $2 billion deal

2 years ago

Stardock's new ShadowFX utility for Windows 8 and 8.1 adds shadows to windows

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