The Corsair iCue Commander Pro on sale for $59 makes custom RGB lighting easier

Icue Rgb Controller
Icue Rgb Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

The Corsair iCue Commander Pro smart controller for RGB lighting and fan speed is down to $58.82 at Amazon. This smart controller has been selling for around $75 for most of the year, and it has only dropped lower than this once since 2019. Today's price drop seems to line up with a deal we're seeing on the Corsair website but beats it by a dollar. This is a great deal if you're really into the nitty gritty of exerting absolute control over your PC and customizing it to perfection.


Corsair iCue Commander Pro smart controller for RGB lighting and fan speed

Turn any PC case into a smart case and use Corsair's iCue software to control up to six case fans and two RGB lighting channels. Two USB 2.0 internal headers let you connect internal USB devices. Monitor temperatures and your whole system.

Basically, for whatever PC you've built and case you have you can turn it into a smart case with this controller. The Commander Pro communicates easily with Corsair's iCue software, which is the primary program Corsair uses for controlling most of its hardware like mechanical keyboards and mice. In this case, you'll gain control of up to six case fans and two RGB lighting channels. You can power the fans, control the voltage and PWM, and even run them at zero RPM if silence is your goal. The lighting channels lets you individually control LED strips or the RGB on your custom fans and things like that.

You'll also have four temperature sensors. These can be repositioned within your case to accurately monitor temperatures. You can even use the software to react to changes in temperature, like raising fan speeds when things start getting hot. Set up custom fan curves and lighting profiles that automatically adjust based on what the sensors detect.

There are two USB 2.0 internal headers, which allow you to easily connect internal USB devices.

Monitor everything with this controller, including your customized RGB lighting, your CPU and coolant temperatures, and your fan speeds. It's easily to attach, too. It has an adhesive backing that allows it to be easily installed behind your motherboard or on any flat surface in your case.

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