Costco is selling the Surface Pro 6 with Type Cover and Pen for just $799 in November (only in U.S.)

Surface Pro
Surface Pro (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you're holding out for a new Surface Pro 6 Costco in the U.S. is always a good bet – the company tends to get "special editions" of the Surface just for its stores at low prices.

Spotted on Thrifter and Reddit between November 16 and November 26 Costco is selling the Surface Pro 6 128GB model (with 8GB of RAM) plus Surface Pro Type Cover and Surface Pen as a bundle for just $799.

Considering Microsoft sells just the Surface Pro in that configuration for $899 on its site (opens in new tab) with an additional $230 for the pen and Type Cover ($1,130) that is a massive $330 in savings.

The downside is that the Core i5 and 128GB of storage model is available only in platinum and not the coveted black edition. The Surface Pro Type Cover is also the black, non-Alcantara version and not the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover.

For those with more cash, there is also a Core i7 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for just $1,399 – again with Surface Pro Type Cover and Surface Pen (and likely only in platinum). If bought through Microsoft the same package costs you $1,729.

Either deal is a great one and still saves you money over Microsoft even with a student or military discount. Just remember, Costco is a members-only wholesale club (opens in new tab) - hence why they can make these deals, so you cannot just walk in and buy either when they go on sale mid-November. You can look up locations near you via their website (opens in new tab) to start planning.

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Finally a price point I'm willing to buy in at! Adding this to the BF shopping list :)
  • This is how Microsoft should be selling them.
  • That is a great price, I wonder if they also have last year Surface Pro even cheaper that they are hiding until black Friday.
  • My SP 3 i5 has been feeling pretty sluggish recently. Coincidentally I'll be in Oregon during this sale so I can pick it up tax free. [edit] too bad it looks like they may not have the black one though.
  • Considering Microsoft sells just the Surface Pro in that configuration for $899 on its site with an additional $230 for the pen and Type Cover ($1,130) that is a massive $331 in savings. Daniel, your math is off by 1: $899 + $230 = $1,129.
    And the saving is $1,129 - $799 = $330.
  • Have any of you looked at the fact that there is a limit of three? Good luck getting one, or the Powerball for that matter.
  • Limit of three per customer. How did you even manage to misinterpret what that means? Only so many interpretations that actually make sense.
  • Because I have a friend that works at Costco and they are only getting a few at each store.
  • You may not be a Costco member, but the limit of 3 is how many YOU can buy at that price, not how many are available. Yes they may sell out, but if you buy one on the first couple of days you should have no problem getting one.
  • That's a really tempting offer but my spider-sense is telling me that next year will be the right time to invest in a Surface product. I feel this was just a safe update. The lack of USB-C and Iris Plus —or any other capable graphics processor— really made this a disappointing update for me. With that said, I would get this over any other tablet today.
  • This is how I feel too. Especially with the shot-across-the-bow of Apple's update to the iPad Pro. I know they aren't the same thing, but Apple took a lot from the Surface for the recent update so I'm hoping to see Microsoft take the next big leap forward with the next system.
  • Honestly, USB-C only matters on a device like this if it's TB3. If it's still USB 3.1 over type C (like the Go) then I don't really know what I should be excited about besides not needing to pack another charger.
  • I don't see where it specifies Surface Pro 6.
  • "8th Gen Intel processor "
  • Microsoft should learn from Costco....
  • I wonder if Best buy would price match?
  • We called to check... They won't price match a bundle deal like this :(
  • I am damn jealous that Costco offers this deal. Will likely still be expensive though having to import it from the US.