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Top performer Countdown+++ from iOS brought over to Windows Phone

By now the narrative that Windows Phone is finally starting to pick up steam with developer should be familiar. It seems as if every few days a few big titles get released to the Store, giving Windows Phone users a semblance of platform parity.

The app Countdown+++ is one of the most popular utilities on iOS (opens in new tab) due to its colorful simplicity. It’s what it sounds like, an app for entering in due dates for whatever topic you want, creating a countdown clock for you to periodically check. It’s one of the top 50 utility apps on the iPhone and maintains a strong 5-star rating from 4500 reviews. The fact that it is now on Windows Phone is always a welcome sight, as it allows iOS users to more easily switch platforms.

Countdown+++ has been released as just ‘Countdown’ for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 and it’s more than just a port. The developer, Thomas Tsopanakis, kept the same design layout but made it more Modern/Metro. That should please a lot of our readers who balk at straight iOS ports with drop shadows and rendered graphics.

By simply entering your data into the appropriate fields, choosing its theme color (matching system Accents) and due date, you can create a nice billboard of events that you want to track. What’s even cooler, being Windows Phone, users can pin individual events to the Start screen for quick and easy access (unfortunately, double wide Tiles are not yet supported).  You can even share the event with others via email or the built in social-networks in Windows Phone e.g. Twitter, Facebook.

The best part? The app is free with no ads.

Countdown is a solid app that fits in nicely with the bold minimalism that Windows Phone users have come to expect. It has some unique features, is simple to use and seeing as it doesn’t cost anything, there’s no sacrifice in downloading it. For that, we have to give it a recommendation. 

Pick up Countdown here in the Windows Phone Store. All versions supported. Thanks, stemfrom, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • finally a good countdown app!
  • And it's winphone 7 compatible also *swoons*
  • What was wrong with Day Counter+ ?
  • I aslo use ZDclock, its one of the best, does the same, 
  • Never heard of it lol
  • Me either, I can count just fine, and if I need help I have my fingers and toes
  • I'm getting it now. Countdown to Nokia Catwalk!!! . . . When there's a release date, lol.
  • It remind me Steve Jobs's Longhorn countdown hahhahaha
  • Arbitrary dates for stuff in the pic Dan or you droppin us some subtle hints? ;)
  • lol, even if I knew those dates, I wouldn't be so obvious, sorry ;)
  • haha Figured as much, but hey never hurts to ask. =)
  • So no notification center on my birthday? =(
  • why is there a blue tile mentioning "notification center 182 days"????
  • It's a joke...
  • I got an error, when I tried to "pin to start". It turned out that it was because I had a heart in the description. "
  • Apparently wpcentral comment boxes also dislikes the use of "bigger than" and "smaller than" symbol (don't know the English term)
  • 3,2,1...score!
  • This is a really good idea for an app.  I like it!  I wonder if there are any alarms that can be set for approaching count downs.... by % or by other definable criteria.  Time to download and find out!
  • I hope you don't get drunk tonight!
  • Appsolute bull!
  • Counting down until you may drink again?
  • You don't?
  • Just think such stuff isn't what you need on an island where you're only supposed to have 10 apps no browser and unlimited you understand?
  • Internet access I mean
  • Oh, and if it's alcohol you mean, I'm having a beer bytheway
  • A big fan when I was an apple guy. Welcomed app. Thanks
  • I know you never can confirm that, but the GDR3 is set to be released in October with Notification Center and the WP Blue update in 2014 January...
  • Keep em coming!
    This ia a great app! Espicially for forgetful people like me ^_^
  • Yay. That is all.
  • Awesome app, only thing I don't like about it is how seconds change at the exactly same moment in live countdown view.
  • That Lumia 720 though!
  • nice. but the live tiles are kind of..i dunno..ugly!
    prefer Day Counter to this, as of now.
  • Day Counter is way more ugly. Countdown app uses metro to the maximum
  • I currently use day counter, will try this
  • Live tile overlaps some of the text making one view unreadable. When the tile flips, the other side is fine
    Update: Unpinned and pinned again. Both sides of tile look fine now. I like it!
  • gonna be awhile for that notification center
  • Nice app
  • Very nice. If it would integrate with the live calendar, I would have downloaded this right away. For now, willl have to stick with calendar reminders.
  • Christmas day, 26th december? no? just me?
  • Wait is over! I can finally uninstall the countdown app to the release of this countdown app.
  • I'll give this one a shot but it will not be easy to displace Day Counter +, which lets you add your own photos or images to a pinned counter.  Having your daugher's photo on her birthday counter, or an actual picture of your vacation destination is just awesome (and they're supposed to be releasing an update soon that will allow sharing and provide more flexibility around how the countdown/up is displayed).
  • Ugly app. Starlab's Day Counter is much better.
  • Superb bit of software
  • Daniel, does this mean the never version of Nokia HERE apps will be HERE++?
    Sorry... it looks like a cool app, but I can't take the name seriously. I'll tell my wife about this since she is obsessed with countdowns and always having something to look forward to doing, getting, or having.
  • Looks nice , but 11 MB ? Damn !!!!
  • Nice, but I've been using CountdownTiles for a while (I got it free sometime ago) and I like it better; it only counts days and not time though, but allows adding pictures. I also like how the tiles are split in half: top shows the info, bottom show the picture.
    Just learn about Day Counter in the comments above, downloaded it, and currently considering switching to it.
  • When VLC makes its way to WP I'll get excited. Until then, yawn...