The Crucial X8 2TB portable SSD down to $190 works with Windows and Xbox

Crucial X8 2tb Drive
Crucial X8 2tb Drive (Image credit: best Buy)

Crucial's X8 2TB portable solid state drive has hit a new low price on Amazon. It's down to $189.99 from a street price around $240. This is $10 better than any other deal we've seen on the X8 in the past, and it's especially good if you consider the drive was selling for as much as $280 at one point this year. You can actually find it going for that much at other retailers like Best Buy, which tells you the sort of bargain you're getting from Amazon today.

So as a portable SSD, the X8 has several benefits. For one thing, it's a lot more durable than a regular hard drive. None of the same moving parts means it'll last longer even while it's getting tossed around. It's not as vulnerable to vibrations or normal wear and tear from being on the go. Plus, the X8 itself is built with durability in mind. It has an anodized aluminum unibody core and is drop-proof from up to 7.5 feet. It's also resistant to extreme temperatures and shocks.

Plus, as an SSD it's just plain faster. You can get read speeds up to 1,050 MB/s. That's even faster than a lot of other SSDs, so you can maximize how you're using the X8 to transfer data. The larger the file, like a game or a movie, the more you'll notice just how much faster the X8 is compared to something like a regular hard drive.

You'll get both a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 port and a USB-A port. That's important because having both USB-C and USB-A means it's compatible with a wide variety of platforms. You don't have to just save the X8 for your laptop. Use it with a mobile device or as extra storage for your Xbox or PlayStation gaming console. It works with Windows or Mac, the iPad Pro, Chromebooks, and more. It's also covered by a three year warranty.

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