Custom gamerpics and so much more headed to Xbox Insiders soon

Xbox's Larry Hyrb — otherwise known as Major Nelson — has shared some hot new Insider-related news detailing new features on the way. There's plenty to get our teeth into, but finally, finally, we're going to be able to set a custom gamerpic!

Custom gamerpics are finally here! From your console, Windows 10 PC, or mobile phone, update your gamerpic with a custom image. We're excited to bring this top fan-requested feature to Xbox Live and expect it to be in preview longer than other features to ensure it's great for everyone when released.

One of the other big developments regards Arena, Xbox's tournament feature for its gamers, with a new World of Tanks/ESL partnership coming into play.

World of Tanks fans will be able to participate in new tournaments on their Xbox One, created by ESL and powered by Arena on Xbox Live.

In addition, we'll soon be able to browse tournaments from the console or in the Xbox app on Windows 10, as well as set notifications for when they're about to start. Clubs and LFG is also getting a hefty new pile of treats, with post pinning, searching from within the Achivements tab and vetting cards for folks looking to join in. Because while everyone has to start somewhere, you might not be looking for a total noob to complete your raid team.

And there's more. Lots more.

My Games and Apps will have a filter that can separate Xbox One and 360 games and the console is getting captive portal support for wireless connections. That means you'll be able to authenticate on public WiFi, such as in a hotel room. Never stop gaming!

The Xbox app on Windows 10 is also getting an important improvement. You'll soon be able to select the audio input and output for party chat right from within the app. A most welcome addition for sure.

All of this only touches upon what's coming, rolling out to "select insiders" in the coming weeks. There's no further details on that, but expect the Alpha ring to drop first. Check out the full list of what's headed our way at Major Nelson's blog.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Custom gamerpics need a filter. This better not become like the Black ops custom emblems where every one is crude Other than that love these frequent updates and feature additions! Great work by this team
  • That's why it's in the trial phase
  • Yes
  • Oh just recently I was changing pic and was looking for custom gamerpic option but couldn't find one :D I thought this was already implemented.
  • All welcome. Hope they do more in the store. The sort options etc are pretty primative. Needs a wish list too.
  • all the features but I for one not too excited about custom gamerpics, I think my avatar gamerpic is unique enough.
  • I agree. Let your avatar be the custom gamerpic imo. Otherwise its going to be a mess I think.
  • all the features but I for one not too excited about custom gamerpics, I think my avatar gamerpic is unique enough.
  • Yeah cuz to me providing custom gamerpics means having filters and guidelines to prevent pornographic pics.....also at the same time providing guidelines means it's not custom.
  • I want party chat via my Windows 10 mobile phone
  • cool and exciting :D ABOUT TIME!