The cyan and yellow Lumia 920 is now back in stock at both Amazon Wireless and AT&T. Cyan is exclusive to the US mobile operator and has proven to be limited in numbers, much like other versions of the Windows Phone, including yellow, which is always hard to find.

We've previously covered the black and cyan variants of the Lumia 920 being unavailable through AT&T, which is a familiar experience across the globe.  

Cyan Lumia 920

As well as the handset, AT&T and Nokia have extended the free wireless charging plate offer to the end of February. Yet another reason why now is the time to pick one up.

The AT&T website reports all colours of the Lumia 920 in stock, except cyan. While AT&T website still shows the colour being out of stock, we're told by a Windows Phone Central reader that should you contact customer services, the cyan Lumia 920 is indeed available for order. Amazon Wireless does have the cyan Lumia 920 listed as available, which is always a second option.

Source: Amazon Wireless; thanks, Seth, for the tip!

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