Many people are still working from home, meaning there are plenty of Zoom calls to be had. While you can always shop through some of the Cyber Monday laptop deals for something with a good webcam, not everyone has an optimal setup or good lighting to help them look their best. That's why it's always a great idea to have a good mobile tripod around, especially one with a ring light attached. That way, not only can you feel more confident on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, but you can also get better selfies as well.

For Cyber Monday, UBeesize is offering 20% off its mobile accessories to help you look your best, no matter what the situation. Whether it's a tripod, ring light, or LED light setup, UBeesize has you covered.

20% off selfie ring lights on Cyber Monday

Ubeesize 10 Inch Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize 10-inch Selfie Ring Light with 50-inch extendable tripod

This versatile selfie ring light features a rotating phone grip, three light colors with multiple levels, and a Bluetooth remote to capture the perfect selfie on iOS and Android phones.

$28.79 at Amazon
Ubeesize Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

This selfie ring light extends up to 51-inches and features quick-flip locks to keep the tripod steady. Plus, the phone holder can move and rotate any which way to get you the perfect angle.

$27.19 at Amazon
UBeesize Selfie Ring Light With Clip On Flexible Arms

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Clip On Flexible Arms

This unique ring light features a clip-on design, making it easy to set up almost anywhere. It's perfect for creating TikToks, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and more.

$17.59 at Amazon
Ubeesize 10 Inch Led Ring Light With Tripod Stand Phone Holder

UBeesize 10-inch LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

This is the perfect compact selfie ring light for your desk, thanks to its small tripod design, multiple lighting modes, a various brightness options. Just plug into your computer or USB adapter and start snapping away!

$17.59 at Amazon

20% off mobile tripods on Cyber Monday

Ubeesize Phone Tripod Portable Flexible Tripod

UBeesize Phone Portable and Flexible Tripod

Thanks to the Bluetooth remote that works with iPhone and Android devices, this small, flexible tripod is perfect for your desk or for quick group shots with your friends. You can even fold it over a bike to record your trip.

$12.79 at Amazon
Ubeesize 12 Inch Flexible Phone Tripod Stand

UBeesize 12-inch Flexible Phone Tripod Stand

This durable mobile tripod features a strong metal ball joint and high-density rubber-coated legs with water resistance. It can even be used as a selfie stick yet remains flexible enough for all sorts of scenarios.

$19.19 at Amazon
Ubeesize 67 Inch Phone Tripod Stand Selfie Stick Tripod

UBeesize 67-inch Phone Stand & Selfie Stick Tripod

This tripod goes from big to small and back again and doubles as a selfie stick. It also includes an adapter for GoPro, making this one of the most versatile tripods you can buy.

$20 at Amazon
Ubeesize 51 Inch Adjustable Travel Tripod

UBeesize 51-inch Adjustable Travel Tripod

This travel tripod extends up to 50 inches and features a lightweight, 1lbs design, making it easy to carry around on hikes with the included travel bag.

$17.59 at Amazon

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