Darks Forces Team releases Mango 7713 Custom ROM for HTC Windows Phones

Last weekend was the release of DFT's HSPL/RSPL tools, tools which would enable one to begin the process of making a custom ROM for their HTC Windows Phone (first generation, except for the Sprint Arrive and Verizon Trophy). A few days later, we had a custom ROM for the HD7.  Flash forward to today and DFT have released their "Freedom ROM" featuring Mango build 7713 (that's one more than 7712 which developers got, but still not the RTM'd 7720).

The ROMs are ChevronWP7 unlocked, lack carrier customizations but do include your standard HTC apps. Other than that, we're talking a pretty straight port with no other discernible difference. Still, this is more about a proof-of-concept and a first step than anything else and for that, impressive.

The ROMs support 22 languages and the following phones: Gold (HTC Pro 7,T7575), Mozart (HD3,T8697,T8698,T8699), Mondrian (Surround,T8788), Spark (Trophy,T8686), Schubert (HD7, T9292,T9295,T9296) and as of now, this ROM cannot be updated via Zune though that may change later. We'll still sit on the sidelines here for a bit, but a big round of applause to DFT for this accomplishment.

Source: XDA; via: Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • Always for HTC...why can't we have a 7 Pro with AT&T HSPA bands?!?!?!
  • Is tethering unlocked in this ROM?
  • No CDMA (Verizon Trophy or Sprint Arrive) support :(
  • my phone isn't developer unlocked.. I tried to do the steps but I couldn't flash the rom, I do have 64 bit vista machine and a windows 7 64bit machine but still can get it to work on either :(