Dell Venue 8 Pro

Nothing quite stokes our fire like a good deal on a gadget or gizmo. Microsoft apparently knows that since they are starting a new promotion called “12 Days of Deals”. How good can any deal be before Christmas and after both Black Friday and Cyber Monday already take place? Apparently really good. On the first day you can get the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet for $99. Did you do your double take on the price? Good. Details below on how you're going to want to be at your local Microsoft Store this Monday. 

Starting this Monday (12/9), emails will be sent out daily about special online and in-store holiday offers. Microsoft is kicking things off by offering $200 off the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet in-stores. That brings the price to $99 before tax. Insane right? That offer is the door buster offer and available to those with access to a physical Microsoft Store. Each Microsoft Store will have 20 of those units available at that price. The remaining 10 units per store will go for the price of $199. Which is still a great value on a very capable tablet.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Microsoft Store

Lawyer up and read the fine print at the source below. Otherwise you can see Monday morning at your local Microsoft Store ready to throw down a Benjamin on a new tablet. Daniel has one and is very fond of it. Its 8-inch IPS display (1280 x 800) is nice, but Intel Atom quad-core processor is what really sets this machine apart from devices like the Surface 2 or Lumia 2520. Check out our unboxing for full specs and a hands-on impression of the device.

Anyone picking this bad boy up now?

Source: Microsoft

Thanks for the tip Naveen!