Dell launches new Latitude Ultrabook line - really starts to understand design

Lenovo has been generating some noise in the enterprise sector with their famous ThinkPad line (formally an IBM brand), but Dell is a bit tired of going unnoticed. The company’s last generation of Latitude business notebooks made us questions who exactly was in control of the horrendous design, but with this latest series refresh – we are impressed.

This week the company unveiled their new Latitude 7000 series, 5000 series, and 3000 series machines. The most exciting of the three series is the 7000, with its new Ultrabook build that dell says “builds on the XPS line and Latitude 6430u”.

The Latitude 7000 comes in both 12.5 inch and 14 inch form factors. The unit starts at $1,049 and can be configured all the way up to an Intel Core i3 CPU – wait, that’s the least powerful Intel Core series chip. Well, at least Dell got the design right.

One of our favorite parts of the new 7000 series is that it can be purchased alongside an optional wireless docking station. The dock can establish a wireless connection with your mouse, monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals simply by placing the notebook next to it.

The 5000 and 3000 series pack a bit more punch than the 700 series, but you will have to forgo the light and thin Ultrabook form factor.

All three models are constructed from brushed aluminum, magnesium alloy, and woven carbon fiber. Each model also includes a spill resistant keyboard and optional Corning Gorilla Glass touch display.

For those of you looking for power in a business Ultrabook, stick with ThinkPad X1 Carbon or ThinkPad T430u, but at least Dell is getting their design on track.

If you really want to get your hands on the new Latitude series - the 3000 and 7000 units will be available September 15th, while the 5000 series will be available this October.

Source: The Fire House

  • Hmmm... I dig understated design. 
  • Bad Sammy. No commenting first (I know you didn't say "First!" though).
  • Probably rockin' that 1366x768 resolution too.
  • Some might have 1080p.
  • Yea, probably for $1000 and up, I guess I feel its beyond time to kill 766p panels.
  • Well the MacBook air has 768p, and Apple fans think it's fine on their 11 inch MacBook air, but they need Retina on a smaller 9 inch tablet. What the heck?
  • It's clear that Apple fans don't have a mind of their own. They rationalize anything Apple puts out. "No DVD-Rom? Who cares? DVDs are lame anyway" LOL
  • lol. dell shit boxes
  • Just checked on their website. Both the 12.5" and the 14" rock a 1366x768 "HD" display! In fact, their 12.5" comes with this fantastic display and a stellar 128GB SSD for only $1,250!
  • More pictures please.
  • Agreed, if you're going to rave so much about the design, one small picture will not suffice.
  • Getting tired of aluminum. How about some polycarbonate color in a portfolio of laptops.
  • YES! YES! Your not a monkey! Polycarbonate laptops all the way!
  • Nokia will probably do that somewhere down the road lol.
  • Hopefully
  • Ref.: "Getting tired of aluminum. How about some polycarbonate color in a portfolio of laptops." LOL,
    Did I just read what I read? Are you really asking for plastic laptops rather than aluminum? As if we didn't have enough choices of plastic boxes by now. :)
  • Yes you read that right, the thinness of the aluminum is just for looks not for structure, at least the ones I've handled in stores. Same with the thin plastic of say the Samsung laptops. I'm looking for more.
  • "just for looks not for structure" How many times do you plan on dropping a laptop for aluminum to not be sufficient? Polycarbonate or not, plastic feels cheap. Personally I'd like to see some anodized finishes like the black iPad mini on laptops, or colored (still anodized? Not sure of the terminology) like the blue HTC one leaks we've seen. 
  • I really like the cheap soda can feel, Apple <3
  • No hybrid PCs?
  • They look pretty boring to me, like a random laptop from 2010 or is it just me.. Also the grey aluminum looks is a bit dark.. But maybe you must see it for real.
  • I saw this the other day and was excited until I saw the core i3 only option. Looking for a Haswell Quad core 14" with TPM. None exist!
  • Never liked Dell. But that doesn't mean you can't like it.
  • Whew, cuz I like Dell.
  • You have my permission :)
  • Lattitudes are awesome. If you've only ever tried the Inspirons, you really should give their higher end stuff a chance.
  • I started on an inspiron and now have an XPS, looks similar to this
  • These can also connect to the full edock station which is tremendous.
  • This is what grabbed my attention! I've wanted a ultrabook for a while but refuse to give up my e dock which works flawlessly (which I've heard is not the case with the wireless docks). Now if they support 16GB I'm buying!
  • Shit. Max 4GB. Why do they do that??? I need to run virtual machines! Very frustrating... Not sure if I will ever find a new computer.
  • Looks like a plastic POS to me. What's up with this site? I love Windows and I own the S7....that is a well designed notebook. This looks like an upper end Walmart POS.
  • LOL at comparing the Dell Latitude Business lineup with the consumer crap Acer S7,  you could get fired for ordering Acer S7 at enterprise.
  • Both of you guys are pretty dumb. No offense.
  • You are an idiot. No offense 
  • I'm not the one that said the S7 is crap...if I recall correctly, that was you.
  • Acer S7 IS crap in front of business class machines like Latitudes and Thinkpads, you will get fired if you ordered Acer S7 at enterprise.
  • You clearly are not a very good judge if quality. Latitudes are built like tanks.
  • I've owned a Latitude D820, a Vaio VGN-FW250J, and my current i5 Acer. Yes, the Acer is newer technology, but it blows the Dell and Sony away in build quality. Business line or other, I will never ever own another dell. When a premium $2k plus machine can't display a 1080p video natively, hell, might as well buy a Mac. This particular lineup is insulting. Here, the premium model sports the awe inspiring Core i3 processor of yesteryears bad dreams. Can't imagine why I read today that they are laying people off in Texas.
  • The core i3 and 720P screens are totally wrong info, you can get Haswell core i3,5,7 and 1080P screen along with SSD too, check out engadget's coverage which is much better than the misinformation being spread here:
  • Its my opinion based primarily on experience, that buying a Dell any time in the last decade is synonymous with buying a Mercury. You buy it because it used to be good. Nostalgia. Dad swears by them. It's Dell, its gotta be good! Well, Mercury is nothing but a memory, and based on the anticipated pricing of a well equipped model shown through the link you've posted, Dell is not heading in a different direction. People who are not buying the XPS aka Alienware models are not looking to spend $2K+ for a machine which they could easily exceed in specs for half the price by buying a different brand. This isn't 2008 and Dell would be wise to recognize it.
  • Oh snap... This is awkward!
  • Surprised by the dislike for Dell, Dell has always been my first choice. Typically love their hardware and design. Lenovo on the other hand I've never liked. The i3 move isn't too great though. To each their own...
  • I like Dell, too. Sadly, I am not impressed by these computers, although I doubt I'm part of the demographic they were going for. I dig the backside of the dark ones, though!
  • Their level of design won't make up for the statement "up to the i3." You're still goign to have something costing you $1,000 with a CPU comparable to the $450 laptop my brother-in-law got 2 years ago (can't remember if it was Sandy or Ivy Bridge).
  • I just saw an xps 12 with the flip screen. That is one awesome design! They need more like that, smart design with tablet capabilities.
  • They are awsome, I've purchased several along with docks, 24" HD monitors, wireless mice/keyboards, external DVD drives for employees that are more mobile than stationary. I don't know why people are bashing windows 8, but since I've implemented the unit mentioned above along with the Optiplex 9010AIO touch desktops within the organization, my support tickets are non-existent compared to windows 7 which I loved. The fact is that the start screen is simply a file cabinet with the item you use most, place there in categories. Also if you pin the items you use the most on the taskbar in desktop mode, it's no different the using the dock on a mac!! Windows 8 is fast and does work well with touch or the mouse & keyboard.
  • i3??
  • While better than most their devices, its still not that great. Vizio is the only manufacture I've seen come close to Apples hardware.
    Can't beat this...
  • Vizios are plastic...Dells higher end designs are machined aluminum and carbon fiber.
  • Please don't comment on what you don't know about. Vizio's laptops are made of aluminum.
  • I stand corrected, but they sure feel much cheaper than my XPS 12.
  • I've checked the Vizios out at the store, and I found the build quality to be top notch other than the keyboard, but that's just my opinion.
  • Fortunately, the hinges and panels on Dell machines aren't notorious for going out. Oh, wait.... Dell died when they shipped everything including their support and the kitchen sink to India. They are on life support and the price of this inferior POJ is a testament to that. Naturally I'm not biased or anything.
  • Dells are made in.... Wait for it....wait for it....China. Just like everyone else lol
  • Samsung, Acer, and Asus all make ultrabooks that are comparable to Apple's hardware.
  • I somewhat agree with you statement, however, I would like MS to do whatever it takes to get Visio along with Sony to produce I windows phone, because their designs along with Nokia and HTC would be the only manufactures they need to make people pay attention to WP8, whether sale people recommend them or not because average consumers are visual creatures.
  • I assume i3 only is for launch...they always scale the cpus higher for business customers. Great design!
  • Haswell i3/5/7, 1080P screen and SSD everything is available, just checkout the much better article on Engadget:
  • Go Dell! I really like them.
  • Yea, I recently had the pleasure of taking a Dell latitude with me on a business trip. All it did was manage to convince me never to buy one. Crappy battery life (good thing I took spares), horrendously slow despite the specs, and the design was also quite lame. Then again, our IT department keeps getting mostly these for some reason.
    Now that my older laptops all died I am looking to get a new one, but the current line of w8 laptops/ultrabooks just seems to look disappointing. I kind of wish MS pulled a surface on them as well. Otherwise I might end up with the fruit logo ones, even though I'd prefer to stay within the MS ecosystem.
  • the name itself is terrible... when ever i heard Dell LATITUDE i remembered laptops of the 90s, and of course the same old dull colour (looks like an old army tank anyway). I loved dell but not their Latitude series of laptop, dont know why ... inspiron, xps, alienware (in india its them) nice and wonderful but not latitude.
  • Considering they used to look like a fat subway sandwich, they finally realized that design is important. Don't these f***Ing companies learn anything from Apple? Asus does. Samsung and Sony do. Geez.
  • the way they designed these laptops it feels like a laptops for business users more than regular consumer at home
  • Latitude is Dell's business line...Inspiron and XPS are Consumer. Their XPS line is comparable to Apple in build quality. I own an XPS 12 and its very well done.
  • The Latitude 3000 and 7000 series product pages on Dell Premier say they are available in i5 configurations.
  • Dude your gettin' A dell!!!!
  • Steven isn't this your fathers car? Your gonna say it aren't you oh he knows!!!!
  • I'm a bit confused since Dell already has 5000 series laptops.  Anyway I've been waiting for a good 15.6" ultrabook.  I almoust bought a samsung but couldn't stand the glossy screen.  I wonder if the latitudes will have a glossy touchscreen?  If so, I'll just get it without.