Dell unveils three concept devices for the future of hybrid work

Dell Concept Stanza
Dell Concept Stanza (Image credit: Dell)

What you need to know

  • Dell announced three concept devices designed for hybrid work: The Concept Flow, Concept Pari, and Concept Stanza.
  • While not made for general sale, these devices showcase Dell's ideas for the future of the hybrid workplace.
  • The Concept Luna laptop was also announced by Dell yesterday, December 14, 2021.

Dell's on a bit of a tear when it comes to concept devices. Yesterday, the company showed off Concept Luna, a laptop designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Today, Dell unveiled three concept devices designed for hybrid work. The Concept Flow, Concept Pari, and Concept Stanza won't be available as commercial or consumer devices, but they illustrate Dell's vision for the future of the hybrid workplace.

Concept Flow isn't a single device. Rather, it's a set of solutions that work together to allow people to transition between devices. Multiple pieces of hardware would support wireless charging, Wi-Fi6E, and apps to facilitate a seamless experience. For example, an office worker could walk up to a laptop and have a mouse, keyboard, and display connect automatically. The laptop would charge wirelessly as well.

Concept Pari is a moveable wireless web camera that could rest on a charging dock, stand, or a compatible display. This would make it easier to have eye contact through virtual meetings and to place the camera in the perfect spot.

Concept Stanza is an 11-inch companion device designed for taking notes. It lacks a microphone or speakers, instead focusing solely on people being able to write down ideas. Images showing off Concept Stanza include a stylus that appears to include a microphone for recording audio.

All of these devices are merely concepts, so they won't be available for purchase. Dell may, however, incorporate ideas from these devices in future pieces of hardware.

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