Best answer: Yes, the Dell XPS 15 (7590) has options that have a 4K UHD display. It costs a little extra and is limited to certain configurations, but it is available.

Getting in touch

The Dell XPS 15 has several display configurations. The less expensive 1920x1080 displays look nice, but if you want the best picture quality, you can get one with a gorgeous 4K UHD (3840x2160) display. It's 15.6 inches and has minimal bezels, so you can enjoy your screen and nothing but your screen with what Dell calls an InfinityEdge display. It's also anti-reflective, which makes it ideal for bright environments. There are two options for 4K displays on the Dell XPS 15, touch and non-touch.

The touch display costs $50 extra and isn't available on the Intel Core i5 version or other less expensive configurations. It's an IPS panel with an incredibly impressive 100% AdobeRGB and 500 nits of brightness. The touch 4K UHD display on the Dell XPS 15 is big, bright, beautiful, and gives you another way to interact with your PC.

Is it worth it?

Before you consider grabbing the XPS 15 (7590) with or without touch, make sure to check out the XPS 15 (9500) that was recently announced. It's a significant refresh of the XPS 15 line and includes a new display with thin bezels and improved internals.

Moving back to the XPS 15 (7590), the XPS 15's touch version of the 4K UHD display is impressive, but it's not for everyone. The configurations that can support touch are the more expensive options, and not everyone has the budget for that. The FHD versions of the Dell XPS 15 are cheaper, starting at $1,100, and still have 100% sRGB and 500 nits of brightness. The 4K displays that don't support touch are OLED rather than IPS, which improves battery life, but is less bright at 400 nits. Generally speaking, if you go for a more powerful 4K display, battery life is going to suffer slightly.

Whether you get a touch display or not depends on your usage. If you want the additional ability to scroll through pages with touch and to navigate your screen with your fingers, then you'll love the touch versions of the Dell XPS 15 display. If you don't value touch, want to save some money, or prefer an OLED panel over IPS, then you can choose one of the Dell XPS 15's other great display options.

Our pick

Dell XPS 15 (7590) (with touch display)

A powerful laptop with a gorgeous display

The latest Dell XPS 15 has an option for a 4K UHD display that supports touch. It has 100% AdobeRGB and 500-Nits of brightness to go along with the NVIDIA GTX 1650 inside.

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