Dell's new 43-inch 4K monitor is a multitasker's dream

Dell announced their new Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor this week. While it's being pitched for business purposes like stock trading and software development, it's huge 43-inch Ultra4K display could also be a great PC gaming monitor.

Dell says (opens in new tab):

Designed in conjunction with financial services customers, the Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor gives traders a large, crisp viewing experience on a 43-inch (108 cm) screen that delivers Ultra HD 4K2 or four separate Full HD resolution screens without the interruption of bezels, as well as a matte finish that reduces glare and strain on eyes.

The 43 Multi-Client Monitor is priced at $1,349 (opens in new tab). Orders are being taken now with shipments beginning on May 23.

See at Dell (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Just need to get two Geforce GTX 1080's in SLI and it will be great.
  • Yeah seriously. What can power this fluidly? Can a SP4 do it? Very appealing though with a 34" and 2 Win 10 desktop workspaces I'm pretty set.
  • I dont see why not. My SP3 (i7) powers 3 screens at once..its own @2k, a 24" @1080 and a 28" 4k for a total resolution way beyond 4k. And remember, a 42" 4k has the same amount of pixels as a 28" 4k...
  • If you were doing hardcore gaming, then yes, you would need a hardcore graphics card. But for non-gaming, the intro picture for this article showed financial graphs, or for my use, software development, a powerful graphics card is not needed. I currently use a 750Ti to drive both a 4K and 1080 display and it works fine for software development. I will probably be upgrading to the 1070 because I could make use of the increased CUDA core for GPGPU, but for video rendering it works fine.
  • Oh, I'd make the 1080s scream out for mercy.
  • For basic visual output, anything that can handle 4 display outputs will be fine. Just showing pixels of static images isn't that tough, same for media playback. It's when you're doing things that require constant, heavy computations by the GPU that you run into problems (gaming, for example). The sketchy GPUs in many phones at the high end output in resolutions over 1080p just fine.
  • "4K monitor is a multitasker's dream" my OCD kicked IN, i need to open more tabs, answer more mails ALL AT ONCE
  • What about 4K equivalent for ultra-wide screen? Multitasker's heaven? :D
  • Want! It'd be great to have multiple Visual Studio windows snapped on one display versus spreading therm across 3-4 monitors.
  • Want! It'd be great to have multiple Visual Studio windows snapped on one display versus spreading them across 3-4 monitors.
  • Apparently, editing your comment in the W10 app leads to multiple comments being posted?
  • Funny, coz both your comments look identical to me :) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I corrected "therm" to "them". Noticed it right after I posted.
  • This would be epic.
  • Yep!
  • I want this.
  • Or you could do the same thing wiht the Philips BDM4350UC which is the same size and has the same feature, while also being relatively gamer friendly for ~$800
  • Its ok but nothing to write home about(if you need suppkrt)
  • Can you use this as one big ass monitor?
  • That's what it is.
  • Would love a screen like this for productivity. But... when you are running such a high resolution, does windows let you snap apps smaller than a quarter? Because if I were to use something like this to simulate four 1080 screens, I'd want to be able to easily snap into 16ths rather than quarters. Because really, I don't need something like twitter taking up an entire 1080 quarter of the screen. I know I can manually drag the window and resize it to whatever I want, but I use snapping to move my windows around very quickly and painlessly.
  • You can probably find a program that does it. I'm not sure if this one does have some software (didn't look at the product page), but I remember there was an ultrawide monitor released a year or 2 ago that had software that would make windows think it had 2 monitors attached side by side. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was thinking the same thing. Right now you couldn't get 6 windows all lined up nicely like in the article image without spending at least a minute resizing them manually. Snapping still has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to large screens. I gave an idea in the feedback app once upon a time for allowing virtually limitless combinations of snapped windows, which involved using ctrl+drag to divide the spaces of snapped apps and resize multiple windows at once. I don't think it ever got seen, though.
  • I used a 3rd party app for the snapping long before Windows started doing it natively. The 3rd party snapping still provides better control and more snap points than Windows.
  • You wanna tell us what the program is?
  • This is the current shortcomings of Windows 10 Snap, as it only limited up to 4 quadrant snaps, you can't even resize them actually which is another shortcoming with implementation.   We need that is dynamic enough that when you have high-resolution monitor, it allows you to snap like 6, 8, and so on depending on the screen resolution, also they're must be all resizable. Configuration should be allowed in grid, vertical (Windows 8.1-like), horizontal, or combination of all. The Windows 8.1 Snap though only limited on Modern Apps, at least allowed you to snap more than 3 or 4 I think. We need similar limitless snapping based on resolution and DPI.   I just submitted an new feedback based on this: feedback-hub:?contextid=48&feedbackid=cf8a5d44-0375-490a-b41d-528946b75bb2&form=1&src=2
  • Was going to get 4 screens. This may be a great alternative. I do want to display a monitor in portrait mode. Bot sure I can snap that easily? Would want a nice laptop with egpu to power it.
  • Hey, wow I want one!
  • Are we inventing terms again? :) It's Ultra HD (UHD) 4K. Ultra4K isn't a thing :)
  • It is now. :-)
  • Grats Dell, welcome to the multitaskers party from two years ago when we bough Seiki 4K's for $400
  • There are similar displays out there that cost less, like the Philips Brilliance BDM4350UC. 900USD is quite alright.
  • I second this.
  • Except this has far better monitor driver IC's and a far better stand, assuming those matter to you, along with a higher degree of srgb accuracy and a warranty you might actually be able to use if you need it.   But if low cost is the #1 selection driver you have options in the Philips.
  • I wanna game on this, it must feel like using a VR headset because of the big screen. :-)
  • At what point do they start bcoming TVs?   (inb4 Dell 88 Multi-Client)
  • I need this is my life
  • Multi-screen porn hub in full glory. That's wow!
  • LOL
  • If they only made a wide gamut version, I'd own it.  Not saying they needed to do it for the same price but 4k content is going to be all about wider gamut over the next few years.  That said, just have to wait a bit longer.
  • Unfortunately it is a gamers nightmare.   Finally a decent size screen upgrade from the 10 year old u3007 - unfortunately little improvement in the the specs.   DP 1.2 - might as well be stuck with DVI only.    I'm not sure why a new monitor still only has DP 1.2 and not DP 1.3 or even 1.4 the current standard.   Also this is only 60hz.   It is a shame it doesn't have a 120, 144hz or even higher refresh rate screen.  With specs owning so much suckage, you might as well just get a WASABI at half the cost.
  • This is a great monitor however 1300 dollars plus I think puts this device too high for some people. When it's price drops to 700 dollars more people will buy them.