Dell's new XPS 15 may launch in October with 4K display, NVIDIA GTX 960M graphics

While we got a brief glimpse of the upcoming Dell XPS 15 back in June, Dell wasn't willing to talk specifics on specs. However, thanks to the sleuthing of some intrepid forum-goers over at the Notebook Review forums, we may have a taste of what's to come.

Some information buried in some charts found (seen below) on Dell's website, the new XPS 15 will come in two flavors, with the higher end option packing a 4K touch-enabled Infinity display (no bezels, ma!). Additionally, it looks like NVIDIA's GTX 960M graphics card will at least be an option at the high-end, pointing to some serious graphics power. Meanwhile, the lower-specced of the two XPS 15 laptops will pack an NVIDIA GT 750M graphics card and sport a display resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Finally, according to one user's chat with a support rep, the new XPS 15 may be targeted for an October 15 launch, so it may not be too much longer before we get all of the official details straight from the horse's mouth.

As with all leaks of this nature, take this with a pinch of salt. However, if true, these few specs point to some beastly offerings coming down the line from Dell. Be sure to let us know what you guys think in the comments below!

Thanks to @dankspain on Twitter for the tip!

Source: Notebook Review Forums

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  • This is going to be the laptop to beat this fall. Looks great.
  • I like the fact that the screen fits so tight to the edge... Looks pretty solid yes, at a handsome price I presume
  • Dude...I'm gettin' a Dell.
  • Of course that also means it will be very easy to break or crack or bend at the edges. Not sure thin bezels is so important to me in a laptop.
  • MacCrap/iJUNK yes, but DELL makes solid stuff, that is NOT overrated, Hyped up like CrApple toys. I own a 2nd generation Dell XPS 15 Touchscreen 4K already(without infinity screen, with 760M graphics card), and its been awesome without ANY issues, i have to say. I will for sure trade it in, to get this 3rd generation XPS 15, i just hope it supports Windows 10 Hello feature. We'll see. If not, I'll wait till they release a device that support Windows 10 Hello. 
  • It would be the best, currently rocking my XPS 13 but i would love to have this beast
  • I'm waiting for an upgraded XPS 13 with Skylake CPU...
  • And the Intel real sense camera
  • Dell kind of sacrificed Intel RealSense by getting rid of the bezel. I'm not sure they could fit it into the bottom bezel like the normal webcam.
  • Wonder if it'll accept the graphics amplifier? That would be... Epic!!!!!
    Also: Is that the same keyboard from the inspiron range (the tiny xps13 one)? It's a good keyboard, but small and really; they've managed to eliminate bezels but why on earth are they not maximising real estate for the keyboard. I know they produce loads of the small xps13/inspiron kb units but this is supposed to be a flagship. Nuts. Otherwise a solid offering...
  • It's gorgeous, but when compared specs wise to a eurocom, the price is high in comparison. better build, infinity screen, etc. but a 970m 4k panel is less than 1500 CAD with eurocom. I'd LIKE this model, but when push comes to shove, i'd rather have the 970. 
  • Never heard of a Eurocom before, I shall now Google it...... I mean Bing, Bing, I shall now Bing it.
  • I owned an m4, and it was a great machine. They offer a flat 10% discount for students too. Can't beat the price spec for spec.
  • Maybe even all year. Till this day I've been unable to find a thin laptop that can rival my XPS 15 current gen.
  • It'll be easy if it's using optimus technology.
  • Too many options... We need you to buy all and tell us which is best. October/November is going to be insane with all hardware coming
  • Amen!!! Too bad though, it doesn't have RealSense camera or similar tech for Windows Hello. It's almost ther for a perfect Windows laptop.
  • Fingerprint scanner would be perfect
  • This may be the best laptop of 2015  1) Best Display 2) Best graphics performance / device weight balance  3) Best OS. The differences between OS X El Capitan vs Windows 10 is huge, Apple doesn't even support touch, they're like 3 years behind. Looks like Apple needs to to catch up in 2016, also Apple is no longer making the best hardware for laptop, just as a reference 2015's Apple MacBook Pro 15.6 was a great dissapointment with same thick bezels, much lower resolution and much lower display quality than what XPS 15 will offer.
  • how are those sms from your desktop coming on your win 10 pc? 
  • I would say pretty soon. Please tell me how that multi-touch screen and pen input is getting along on your mac pc.... ​
  • ​Been coming in great over Google Voice/GVoice app over Windows 8/8.1/10 for the last 3 years! Looking forward to native capabilities coming to Windows 10 though. Then I'll be Google free with the exception of YouTube.
  • I am now scroogle free except YouTube..
  • And how's all that lovely gaming support? I hear it's marginally better then it was last year.
  • SMS on your desktop? That is all you have? That was a big feature in 2006 maybe. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Things as looking pretty good for windows laptops if that's the best you can come up with
  • Pushbullet. Try again troll Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It does not matter. The iblogsphere will say the Mac's trackpad is better and therefore declare the Macbook the best laptop no matter what, cuz you know laptops are nothing more than a trackpad. The WSJ goes as far as say people should run the touch-enabled Windows 10 on a Macbook.  
  • The retina Macbook Pro *is* the best laptop you can buy right now.  It's the only device that can run OSX and the same time (via Parallels)!  
  • It's just that it's not... there are at leas a dozen different laptops out there that beat the crap out of any MacBook, any time. On the other hand, ther's no laptop as sexy as a MacBook. And when you need to show off, a Mac it's the everyday guy's Ferrari.
  • 2) Best graphics performance / device weight balance  ^ That is questionable. Between MSI GS/WS and Aorus X5 I not so sure.
  • I wish they'd make a17 inch. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ka shume shqiptare ne windowscentral?
  • +1 I am still waiting to replace my 4 year old laptop.
    Dell doesn't seem to care about 17" screens anymore.
    It's a shame if you ask me...
  • Oh no! The holidays just keep getting more and more expensive. The kids might have to scale back their Santa lists this year. Papas is getting longer.
  • Papa's what is getting longer?
  • His Santa list, get you mind out of the gutter.
  • Only thing Dell can't figure out is how to make a good power plug. Seriously, they're super bulky (they stick out a mile) and because of this they get hit all the time, and end up breaking way before they should.   They need to at least try to make them better ... it's been the same issues for years now.
  • I know that feeling, even with a 2014 machine
  • Yep, I agree with this, we have small fleets of various Dell machines and the charge port/cables are terrible!
  • Hopefully USB-C will soon save us all from the current proprietary charge connector mess.
  • You've no idea how happy this would make me.   Although I'm not sure USB-C can handle the power for current high-end gaming laptops, this really shouldn't bother those users since those machines aren't as mobile anyway.
  • You'd be surprised what a fully fledged USB-C can handle.
  • USB-C spec allows for up to 100 watts.  Most laptop chargers are rated at ~65 watt max so it's certainly doable for most laptops.
  • The (notoriously bulky) UK plug on my XPS 15 is actually very low profile.  Hadn't seen that in a plug before.  Not tried the US plug that Dell ships, but it's a standard C5 cable, so if there are better ones out there, I'm sure you could substitute for a few dollars.
  • Are you talking about the end that plugs into the wall?
  • Ah, yes I am, but I see you're talking about the adaptor cable.  Yes, I agree.  They should have made it a right-angle connector at the least.  A MagSafe/Surface style connector would be even better.  I suspect the new one will support charging over USB-C, but I don't know if that will be any better.
  • Nah, it needs a gtx 980 now. 960m is old now, muhahaha lol
  • With 10 minutes of battery life and a 3 pounds coolling exernal dock, I'm still not convinced that high end gaming cards should be offered in laptops, I think a much better choice is a slimmer/smaller gaming device like the ASUS ROG G20 and use it with an external monitor.
  • As someone with the msi gt80 I humbly disagree! I want to shoehorn the 980 in sli into that beast!!!!!!
  • If you're really wanting that kind of power...get a desktop PC. Then you're not worried about battery life and you have far more internal versatility and personalization. Plus more beautiful monitors if you want, and proper mechanical keyboards, and more ports.
  • Also significantly cheaper
  • People do have money! ;)
  • High end model with 4K infinity touch display and discrete Nvidia GT 960M is awesomeness personified. Can't wait.
  • Finally!  Been waiting forever.
  • I need windows hello, good graphics and a dual form factor, but dang this looks good.
  • XPS 12. That is all.
  • Anyone thinking they are going to be gaming at 4K with a GTX 960M better stop fooling themselves. The GPU is enough to run the operating system and videos at 4K, and that's about it. This is not a gaming laptop.
  • Just reduce the resolution to 1080p and it'll be a-ok. :)
  • It's a gaming laptop with an upper midrange GPU. There are plenty of other gaming laptops with a similar spec. No laptop without SLI is going to be able to handle demanding games at 4k.
  • What is the price on this?
  • Probably in the price range of a MacBook Pro Retina - $2K-$3K+!
  • The Dell lust monster is swelling within me again. And I've already actually seen it. I WANT IT
  • Looks great! One thing I think could be quite interesting was if Dell were to make the Alienware Graphics Amplifier (or something similar for XPS and workstation class laptops) work with more of their laptops. Go with Intel graphics on the road. Have stellar performance at home or the office - and even bring it to LAN parties... Or just be able to upgrade or supplement the existing Nvidia card already installed.
  • The price you'll have to pay for one of these, gamers will just get a gaming laptop.
  • Dell still makes great machines, the problem with them are they are not configurable like the used to be. When I bought my first Dell laptop, it was a major undertaking selecting all the options you wanted. Some options, such as Bluetooth, are now standard so that is understandable. But it used to be you could choose the CPU, memory, GPU, screen resolution, screen size, HDD size, and on and on and on. Now it is you choose 13", 15" or 17", maybe the color of a sticker they put in the box (and not even attach), and then ship it out. And when I ordered a laptop over the summer, it didn't arrive any faster than that first laptop I ordered and needed to be custom built.
  • Yeah I hate that, I guess it was done to reduce costs and help them stay in business but I really miss all the customisations they offered in the past. Still I find most of my Dell devices to be fantastic. I'm still rocking a Dell Inspiron One 23 at home and it's one of my favourite PCs ever, it's slow and out dated these days and not good for much more than music and web browsing but I still love it. At work I have a precision box with ridiculous specs so it gives me my daily dose of hardcore power, I really miss it on the weekends :(
  • Couldn't agree more. I need the 960M but i'd rather not pay extra for the 4K screen, so let's hope at least that much is flexible
  • Might be my next device. :D
  • a 4k screen is just silly 
  • Yep, we'll never need more than 640x480 (to paraprase a certain somebody).
  • But okay on phone? Umm..
  • Not if your a 3D animator/video editor/multimedia artist like myself!
  • I haven't been a fan of Dell in the past, but I have to say they have really stepped up their game since they went from publicly traded to private.  That may be totally coincidental, but the change is pretty obvious regardless of the cause.
  • If this lap top come to Brazil it's price will be higher than a mac.
    I'm afraid just think of its price
  • Price..?
  • I wonder who can anyone live without a numeric kb
  • Me! Its hard to go back not having Numpad with 15 incher laptops. They should have this at least like come on! The laptop is big enough to support it.
  • what about the footprint ? is it a 13' chasy sized ?  
  • $$$$$
  • SP4 or Dell XPS15 - let the battle commence!
  • Yesss! My only fear is that the 4k will be very expensive... Why couldn't they make a touch 1080p model?? Same complaint with the XPS13.
  • I am giving away my trusty new XPS13 to my niece and it looks like I may console myself with this QHD model :D
  • Oh, so they're finally ditching 750 and going for 960? I'll bet they'll put a hefty price tag on that version.
  • The 960 is going make the new XPS 15 a "hot" laptop. 
  • There are two things that keep me from buying a Macbook these days... 1. The weak GPUs in what are expensive Laptops that should have a GPU that can actually run their high resolution.  2. No touch screen, I love these new Laptops where you can bend them right over and use them as a tablet, I love being able to just simply skip through a video using my finger, it's so convinient if I'm watching something from Bed.    As usual Apple claim they're useless features, but I bet they'll add a touchscreen eventually and claim they invented it.
  • It will cost 2500€, yay !
  • I'm still rocking my Dell Inspiron 15 3521.. I had to save up to get this laptop in the second quarter of 2014 and I dont see me changing it soon unless I win an xps15 in WindowsCentral give away. Dell is really a great product.
  • I'm getting one
  • Add a touch screen and take my money !!!
  • Just purchased  a Lenovo Thinkpad T450!  
  • I  have own a Dell XPS 15 with the 4K screen, 16 GB RAM, i7, NVIDIA GT 750M also includes a INTEL 4600. Let me just say the NVIDIA driver crashes a lot using Premiere Pro. The sound is terrible especially with web videos services, be sure to get external bluetoother speakers. Not everything is optimized for 4k. A lot of stuff renders very tiny, especially Adobe Suite. It is a nice machine for sure but when it randomly crashes, it makes me frustrated. I wonder if it is a Windows 10 issue. I have owned this for 2 months. The touch screen is nice and I use it often. Especially when the trackpad mouse acts up. I cannot stress enough get the warranty you will need it.  
  • I did occasionally experience my trackpad freezing when I was running Windows 8.1, and some of my friends that used Windows 8 and 8.1 did too irrespective of the model, make or manufacturer. I guessed it is a synaptics issue and not Dell's fault. Though I got myself a wireless mouse but I kinda hardly use it b cos I haven't had such experience after upgrading to Win 10.
  • a 15" display in the shape and weight of a 13" form factor, I don't know how I can resist that. Co-workers has the 13" infinity and it looks so small but still is a 13" and it's really beautiful. if the 14" SP4 can match that and be small as a 12"  hmm well that... I don't know.
  • It's the size of a 14 inch, not 13.
  • It does have realsense and Windows Hello to those that are saying it does not.
  • It does include Windows Hello to those that say it doesn't.
  • I want this, but it's gonna be hella expensive.