Dell's new XPS 15 may launch in October with 4K display, NVIDIA GTX 960M graphics

While we got a brief glimpse of the upcoming Dell XPS 15 back in June, Dell wasn't willing to talk specifics on specs. However, thanks to the sleuthing of some intrepid forum-goers over at the Notebook Review forums, we may have a taste of what's to come.

Some information buried in some charts found (seen below) on Dell's website, the new XPS 15 will come in two flavors, with the higher end option packing a 4K touch-enabled Infinity display (no bezels, ma!). Additionally, it looks like NVIDIA's GTX 960M graphics card will at least be an option at the high-end, pointing to some serious graphics power. Meanwhile, the lower-specced of the two XPS 15 laptops will pack an NVIDIA GT 750M graphics card and sport a display resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Finally, according to one user's chat with a support rep, the new XPS 15 may be targeted for an October 15 launch, so it may not be too much longer before we get all of the official details straight from the horse's mouth.

As with all leaks of this nature, take this with a pinch of salt. However, if true, these few specs point to some beastly offerings coming down the line from Dell. Be sure to let us know what you guys think in the comments below!

Thanks to @dankspain on Twitter for the tip!

Source: Notebook Review Forums

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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