If you enjoyed the dark aesthetics and puzzle-platformer action of INSIDE and LIMBO, it looks like you've got another to start getting excited for. Playdead, the studio behind both games, has taken to Twitter to get the hype rolling for its next game.

The image used to tease the game shows a bright object falling out of the sky in the background with a figure wearing a helmet and dragging what looks to be a tattered parachute. As you might expect, whatever the next game is looks to pack a similar dark, shadowy look that made the studio's previous two games unique.

That's all the teaser shows, show it's anyone's guess just what the game might be or where it might take place. Hopefully we'll hear more soon, including when we might expect the game to hit Xbox One and PC.

Are you a fan of LIMBO and INSIDE? What would you like to see in the next game from Playdead Studios? Give us a shout in the comments and lets us know!