Over time your computer will likely slow down and become overloaded with tons of random files and data that you really don't need. Cleaning up those files and hunting down what you don't need can be a time consuming process, and you'll need to know where to look to find it all. Luckily, some of that can be automated for you.

Meet CleanMyPC. With this great app you'll be able to keep that computer running like new thanks to its whole computer scans that look for junk files, excessive downloads and more to clean. In addition, CleanMyPC will also ensure that apps are removed properly and that they aren't leaving behind bits and pieces once you uninstall it.

Some of the other features you'll get include:

  • Remove cache, log files, & other junk w/ just a few clicks
  • Scan & clean up your Windows Registry clutter w/ ease
  • Uninstall programs properly, removing every bit of material left behind by previously uninstalled programs
  • Lighten the load on your Windows startup process by disabling autorun programs
  • Shred files completely so hackers can't find them again
  • Wipe your entire online history clean w/ a single click
  • Get rid of Hibernation quickly & at your leisure

With all of these awesome features, CleanMyPC has to be expensive, right? Wrong! For just $28 you can get a single license to the awesome app. Normally it would set you back just under $40, so this is a pretty great savings.

Don't miss out on the discounted price for the single CleanMyPC license, your computer will thank you!

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