Do older Surface Pro Type Covers work with Surface Pro 8?

Surface Pro 8 Pen
Surface Pro 8 Pen (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Do older Surface Pro Type Covers work with Surface Pro 8?

Best answer: No! Unfortunately for current Surface Pro Type Cover owners, the Surface Pro 8 uses an all-new connector due to the new design and shape. It does, however, work with the newer Surface Pro X Type Cover. You'll have to grab the new $99 Surface Pro Type Cover if you want to hammer out some docs on this thing.

Why do I need a new Type Cover for the Surface Pro 8?

In the past, Microsoft has generally offered backwards and forwards compatibility with the Surface Type Cover line, letting you use previous-gen Type Covers on the Surface Pro 7, for example. This year's Surface Pro 8 revision is one of the biggest we've had in recent years, however, with a refreshed chassis and design profile.

The new size and shape of the Surface Pro 8 simply don't lend themselves to the current slate of Surface Pro Type Covers. However, it does work with the Surface Pro X Type Cover, which has a bay for the new Surface Slim Pen.

The Surface Pro 8 follows the design language of the Surface Pro X a little more closely than its previous incarnations, so it makes sense that Microsoft would fall back on the Pro X Type Cover instead. Although, it's a little frustrating too, given that the Pro X Type Cover is anywhere up to $40 more expensive than the previous-gen standard Surface Type Covers.

Can I buy a cheaper third-party Surface Pro X Type Cover?

The market for third-party Surface Pro X Type Covers right now is practically non-existent. The Surface Pro X wasn't the most popular incarnation of the Surface line, owing to its ARM-based architecture. In the right hands, the Surface Pro X is a truly great PC, but it potentially isn't ready to go fully mainstream yet. However, the arrival of the Surface Pro 8 and its Pro X Type Cover requirement means that manufacturers will be looking to adapt their designs for the new market. It's fair to assume that the Surface Pro 9 and 10 will also use this new connector style, so we can expect some third-party options to appear in the coming weeks and months ahead.

If you don't want to blow an additional $130 dollars on a Pro X Type Cover, you can just use a regular Bluetooth or standard USB-based keyboard with the Surface Pro 8, since it is, at the end of the day, just another Windows PC. Take a look at our best Bluetooth keyboards roundup for some options.

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