Best answer: The Galaxy Book2 doesn't come with a 4K display but its sAMOLED display is still excellent and impressive.

Not 4K, but that's OK

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 features a 12-inch 2160x1440 (FHD+) Super AMOLED (sAMOLED) display. While it isn't a 4K screen, it lives up to the high reputation of Samsung screens.

Because it is sAMOLED, the device turns off pixels to show pure blacks. This brings out deep blacks that enhance the viewing experience. The color, contrast, and brightness of the display result in an excellent picture.

The display's unique pixel count is due to its 3:2 aspect ratio. This is becoming more common in devices and is especially popular among 2-in-1s like the Microsoft Surface Pro. The screen ratio provides a more natural-feeling display in both portrait and landscape modes, being neither too tall nor too narrow. Whether you're using the Galaxy Book2 in portrait or ladscape mode, you'll have enough screen real estate to get your work done.

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Samsung has earned a high reputation with its displays that are used on a number of flagship phones and devices and the Galaxy Book2 is along those same lines. In our full review of the device , the screen was described as "dazzling." While it isn't a 4K display, it's likely that you'll be happy with the display quality.

More than looks

The display of the Galaxy Book2 has benefits beyond being really, really, ridiculously good looking. First, it supports the S Pen. This stylus earned its fame through the Galaxy Note line of phones and that same technology and experience is available on the Galaxy Book2. The display makes writing with the S Pen easier by supporting palm rejection.

Second, the display consumes less power than its LCD competitors. sAMOLED displays don't use power to show pure blacks, so when you use an app in dark mode, use Windows 10's dark theme, or view anything that has any amount of pure black, your device will use less power than a device with an LCD screen performing the same task. The Galaxy Book2 is already a battery life champion thanks to it running Windows 10 on ARM, but the sAMOLED display helps it last even longer.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy Book2

A gorgeous 2-in-1

The Galaxy Book2 has superb battery life, in part due to its power-friendly super AMOLED display. The screen has rich black, crisp colors, and is almost as dazzling as a 4K screen.

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