As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama that's been announced for Xbox Series X

As Dusk Falls
As Dusk Falls (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • As Dusk Falls is a new IP being developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT and published by Xbox Game Studios.
  • INTERIOR/NIGHT is new studio led by veterans from Quantic Dream.
  • The reveal trailer shows a very stylized aesthetic.

One of the games shown during today's Xbox Games Showcase was a new title called As Dusk Falls. It's an interactive story being developed by a new studio called As Dusk Falls is being published by Xbox Game Studios. You can see the announcement trailer for As Dusk Falls below.

As Dusk Falls is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • It's also coming to Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Yes it is. Apologies but getting clarity on which games are coming to which platforms has been...hectic.
  • Hopefully it's from the writing and art design teams, not gameplay. But I do really like Quantic Dreams games do I hope this retains the same level of choice and branching storylines.
  • Also, I really, really hope the game has that art style for the actual game. I doubt it, but it'd be awesome if it did.