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From the Editor's Desk – Should you (hack) install Windows 10 on your phone?

Today is a holiday in the US, well, technically a holiday, so I do not expect a busy news cycle. Many in the US have the day off, including those in the tech world, so things will likely start off slow.

With that out of the way, let's talk about a few things on my mind as we head into this week.

Windows 10 Insider

Windows 10 for phones and limited Lumia availability

Microsoft last week released the Windows 10 Preview for phones only to a subset of Lumias, infamously excluding the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 due to a 'partition stitching' requirement. This is just a temporary restriction though, as Microsoft explained on their blog.

In short, this is how software is made, folks. It is not pretty, but it is quite reasonable to begin testing a new OS on a developer phone, expand to another class, and finally expand to a larger group. In science, we do this all the time to help control variables that could confound testing. So goes for software development. If you want early, this is it.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore hopped on Twitter to ask a legitimate question about the Insider process:

"Should we ship bits EARLY when we can only support SOME phones/countries/features; OR LATER when fewer people would be left out?"

This conundrum is one that Microsoft cannot win, in my opinion. The expression "damned if you do, damned if you don't" comes to mind. Although you could argue that Microsoft could have been a little more forthcoming before the Windows 10 for phones preview release. I think that is fair.

Microsoft did something truly unique here by releasing their operating system mid-development. Besides Linux, I can think of no other operating system that is being tossed into the public realm so early not only for testing, but for feedback to help shape the look and feel of an OS.

From that perspective, I think it is amazing that Microsoft is doing what they are doing. To heap on user demands (or disappointment) at this time seems misguided and self-entitled. Microsoft announced Windows 10 for phones at the end of January and about two weeks later, here it is. This release is a remarkable feat, yet you still have a lot of unhappy campers. Get a grip.

I get it, too. It is Windows 10 – the next big thing. However, I also have the Preview on a few phones and, to be honest, while it is fun to play with, it is not ready to be my daily driver. For all of the changes, Microsoft readily admits there is much more that has to be done.

What I am trying to say here is if you do not have a phone that can get Windows 10 yet, you are not missing a whole lot. Not yet, at least. By springtime, I expect the landscape to have significantly changed, especially as Microsoft begins pushing out updates. For now though, this is still a very early peek at an OS.

This leads me to my next point.

You can 'hack' Windows 10 onto any Windows Phone. You also probably skip it

Over the weekend, a post went up at XDA detailing how you (yes you!) can get Windows 10 on your Windows Phone today. The process itself is not trivial, and there are significant risks. Those risks are exponentially higher for those with Samsung or HTC devices, as they are harder to reflash should anything go wrong. Lumias have some recourse with the Lumia Software Recovery tool found here on Microsoft's servers{.nofollow}.

Moreover, yes, things can go wrong.

The trick at XDA works by changing the model number of your device, which then fools the Microsoft servers to delivering the Windows 10 bits to your phone. You are updating your Lumia 930 with Lumia 630 bits. It can work, too.

The problem is, no one knows the long-term risks. Take for example back on Windows Phone 7 and the 'Walshed phones' incident where phones became locked into an OS update, preventing future ones. That problem was an accidental side effect that at the time, no one predicted would happen.

These unknowns are why Windows Central is not promoting or hyping this hack. Back in yesteryear when only the core users read our site, we could get away with posting risky tricks. These days, we are too high a profile to risk recommending this to tens of thousands of users. Should anything go wrong, we would be creating a big headache for Microsoft.

Besides the risk of 'bricking' your phone (and yes, people have bricked their phones doing this), it is not clear what happens during the next update. The supposed Windows 10 restore option (which you can find here) is not working for everyone, even on legitimate devices. So caution here abounds.

Hey, if you have a spare Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 or even a Lumia 520 around, by all means, knock yourself out. Just remember to set your phone back to its original device model after you have done the hack.

Personally, I do not think this is worth the energy, not yet. I am also not impressed with the Lumia 520 running Windows 10 because I fully expect it.

If you really want to get in on Windows 10, your best bet is to snag a budget Lumia 630 or Lumia 635 and just use that for testing. For $50 you can have a dedicated Windows 10 phone with no risks. Keep your real phone beta free, at least until Windows 10 becomes more refined in the coming months.

Looking forward

For the rest of the week, assuming we do not have too many surprise announcements from Microsoft, we have a few things planned out, including:

  • Tablets! Lenovo Yoga 2 (8-inch) with AnyPen, more on my Toshiba Encore 2 Write, and even some thoughts on the ultra-cheap HP Stream 7
  • Dell XPS 13 Core i7 – I've been using this for the last few weeks, and it is time I shared my thoughts. Also, I'll talk about my Core i5 stress test a few weeks ago when covering the Windows 10 event
  • Fitbit showdown – Charge, Charge HR or Surge, which should you get? The winner of that question gets pitted against the Microsoft Band
  • What are my primary devices? Sure, I test a lot of hardware, but assuming I could only keep a few bits of tech, which phone, tablet, laptops and accessories would I pick right now?

We'll of course also have our regular coverage of Windows 10 for phone and PC, Xbox coverage and whatever else happens to be popular. Stay tuned!

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Hahahah I love to hack ! :=)
  • Installed 1min ago ;-)
  • I was not able to download the program to my PC, any advice?
  • Try the Chinese method
  • What is a chinese method? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There is a method using a proxy in China. It is smarter than the downloaded proxy because it can provide a configuration that will work first time rather than you having to find the right codes. I'm usually suspicious about these Chinese proxies but since I was going to factory reset after installing W10 to get a fresh experience, I didn't mind. As a power user I was happy to try it on my 925. I'm comfortable fixing my phone if it breaks. Thankfully there were absolutely no issues. I still wouldn't recommend it to most people though. You have to be pretty techy to even enjoy the state of W10 on older phones at the moment. I don't notice many bugs but it's definitely a bit laggy for now.
  • Can u plz send the link for that proxy?
  • Enjoy
  • That's the one.
  • So there is a way you can restore the edited  registry back to your phone's model number?
  • Lumia/Windows Phone Recovery Tool will do that. It reads the hardware configuration and is not fooled by product codes or registry.
  • Can you please guide me how to change back the Phone's model number using Recovery tool? I looked, and could not find the option anywhere.
  • It should detect your phone correctly and then you can flash 8.1 back to it. After that the registry will be restored.
  • Hey...if I hacked my Lumia 720 using Chinese hack will I be able to install future update released by microsoft...or I would have to roll back...
  • How about 620, can I?
  • It's not guaranteed, and totally at your own risk, but yes I've seen people in the threads who have had success with their own 620s.
  • Can you open  windows insider app after reset? The method states" you'd not reset your phone after installing the W10TP,cause windows insider app is probably to crash" I have  installed W10TP on my 930(RM-1045 with firmware of Finland version  930 RM-1087),but not knowing what to do because extra+info does not show  correct model number nor the software version,which is Denim before I install W10TP. BTW,I'm in China.Many people say they can't open windows insider after reset,but the model number is correct,instead of RM-1027  
  • Insider is fine on my 925. It doesn't find any builds any more because the 8.1 update before the 10.0 update restored my registry, but I'm already in the Fast channel so I don't think that will affect Windows Update. If it does then I can just use the proxy trick again.
  • Thx for reply. BTW,I've already rolled back to 8.1 ,cause I found that my phone disappear on roll back,everything went fine  ;-)
  • Buy a NOKLA.
  • You can create you own proxy using fiddler
  • Yes, but you need to know the exact code to match your phone's operator.
  • Hey can you show me how to install this windows 10 using this hack on my Lumina 1520???
  • Used it on my Lumia 930, It's working but very slow. The frames presented ok n the screen are around 24fps the screen resolution crops back from 1080P (FHD) to 480i (HDR) apps crashes a lot. Camera filming 4K crashes after taken 2.10 sec all the time?! But positive's are the main UI looks pretty interesting. But for sure wait until next build!
  • Yeah, there's definitely a reason it's not released for some phones yet. Still fun though if you enjoy being at the bleeding edge!
  • Try a hard reset.
  • It failed to install on my 920 after download. Please help
  • Hey, when I tired to open the ip address + 8877 link on my phone, it says that internet explorer mobile can't open this link, any advice?
  • Can't install it on my Lumia 1020, please help. Thanks
  • Why was I left out? Didn't even know about that. I must need to login to XDA more. O.O
  • All this story did was entertain me while the Win10 hack update on my spare 920 went from 70-86%. Thanks Daniel!
  • If only I could hack my old HP Touchpad to run it.
  • Me too with my old iconia
  • Lol I second that
  • I won't do that until I'm shure microsoft will know my 920 is really a 920
  • Question is, can I get Denim for my 1520 this way?
  • Don't know why you bothered Daniel...
  • No proxy needed just change your phone manufacture modulo name to RM-978_1046 and firmware to the one which is showing on denim availability of 630 on Brazil page (ends as 360002 or something). You can do this by deploying wpsystem_custom xap and custom_PFD xap found on xda forums. And now you can see fast and slow build I windows insider app. For more details about process PM me.
  • More detail please
  • Hack away! You've got that one device laying around in your drawer why not
  • Thanks for the well written piece and the much needed perspective on hacking your phone. 
  • Thumbs up
  • :D
  • Except that part of people bricking their phones. On the threads at xda I didn't see any people complaining about bricked devices. Because it doesn't do that. It just fools the Insider app to fool Windows Update for you to get W10TP. No wrong firmware or other surprises. I was afraid to do it for a number of reasons. I did it anyway, and it went well. I just went back to 8.1 because (that part Daniel got right) it is too unstable. What to see new? It is all too small on 1520, and some imperfections annoyed me. I'll get back on the next preview (hopefully without the hack) to see their progress though.
  • Yeah well I won't risk it.
  • Not trying it on my ativ s
  • Will try out.. But not with my 1020.
  • Try the Chinese method, it works for me.
    Mine too is 1020
  • Can you post a link to the chinese method? The xda method didnt work for me even after changing the registry value in the xml.
    Open the link, and follow the steps. Its very easy. If u have any problem, inbox me
  • Will it install on my 720? And should I factory reset my phone before installing w10? And how do i turn on proxy under wifi settings? Reply asap
  • It's been said multiple times and I'll say it again " if you really have to ask questions like how to set proxy for WiFi then the technical preview and especially the hack isn't for you". But if you still want to go through with it the entire process is on the website. And it's running on my 720 but I've had to restart the phone 3 times in the last 12 hours due to hang ups.
  • Thanks Sachin :)
  • Should I use IPv4 or IPv6 for the hack?
  • IPv4
  • And in which zip file and which app should I use on my PC?
  • Unzip and run the EXE file. Then, follow al the steps on the forum.
  • Yes but which exe file? There're 3.
  • WPInsiderHacks.exe
  • The very fact that you are asking, I would strongly advise you not to.
  • Nope. They are all shutting down so I got confused.
  • Honesty always prevails. Thanx Daniel!
  • The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8" has AnyPen, not AnyWrite. Regardless, I'm glad you guys are covering it.
  • Fixed, thx!
  • No problem. Looking forward to your thoughts on the AnyPen technology.
  • So this replaces the one from 2014 Q4? Or sold concurrently?
  • The Yoga Tablet 2 8" with AnyPen replaced the one without AnyPen.
  • After a day or two I decided to go back to 8.1. The main reason is that syncing with the MS Band is very troublesome on W10. Not all notifications work and Cortana is not supported yet. It's night and day with syncing on 8.1 and much faster. I will try W10 again once I hear they fixed the sync issues with the band. I liked playing W10 otherwise and didn't have any other issues other than those that were reported by others. 
  • Agree with you there. I had the same issue. Notification sync with the band was really laggy. I spent the entire night flashing on the W10 TP on to my lumia 920 and getting it ready for use, and then cause of the sync issues, spent the next day restoring it back to WP 8.1. Personally I like where MS is going with the OS but at the moment its really too much beta to bother about, especially for your daily driver ;)
  • I will also skip with mine HTC 8x
  • To those who hacked, How well it runs on the Lumia 1520?
  • It runs pretty good, better than expected. It was very much laggy in the initial setup stages, later on things seemed normal. But doing it on a secondary phone is really the best advice because its not anywhere near fluid as we 1520 users are normally used to.
    There are occasional freezes too.
    P.S: I personally am loving and enjoying the update.
  • Ahh I see.. I think I'll do it on my L535 instead.. Thanks!
  • Yea its OK. I've had a couple of apps crash here and there. Syncing with email sucks took me like 20 mins to sync my exchange work email...but it worked....
  • Corey, you'll like this this comedy skit:
  • I saw it.. funny.. lol Thanks for sharing.. :)
  • Your welcome
  • I did this on my Lumia 1520. It's not worth it guys, the battery life and performance sucks. A lot. And what do you get? A laggy start screen with a background and ugly photos/Cortana apps? I would go back to 8.1.1 if I didn't have to completely wipe my device. Now I hope for a more stable release soon.
  • different person has a different taste...
  • well if you use this method ( hack the phone product name ) you should ( maybe must ) hard reset after that. If you have a 1520 and microsoft think you have a 630 ... they will send you 630 software and firmware updates. If you install 630 firmware on your 1520 .... say goodbye to your phone.
  • I've heard this before but has MS ever sent firmware updates in these types of previews (dev preview or enthusiast program)?
  • maybe not for the preview ... but just think long time ... if someone install this on his phone this way.... and don't change the phone product ( hard reset ). when they will receive the "final build" of windows 10. They will begin to receive firmware update and after that they will be in trouble.   me in return I will use windows 10 on my 930. Install futur build in it.  If it's better for me to flash back and install the real update for my 930. I'll do it, but if there's no benefit from it. I'll use it this way.
  • As much as I want to do it I will wait
  • I'd rather buy a 635 for $50. Dont want to brick my 1020, plus it doesn't seem worth it just yet.
  • That's what I did, purchased a 635. I will install it on my 1020 when it is released, but NO WAY on my M8 after it's released.
  • 50$ ? it would cost me 146$ its not worth the price
  • Same with me bro.
  • It doesn't seem to work on my good ol' spare 810 :(
  • I have a spare broken screen 1020, a working 1520 and a working 520, but I'm in the "ill just wait for now corner". No need to hack right now, its early. If it gets to be April and those devices aren't supported. I'll be hacking.
  • Ooh, I really should do the same!
  • lol...
  • How to hack?
  • 1. Take an axe. 2. Place your phone on a flat stable surface. 3. Raise the axe over your head. 4. Bringing the axe down, with force, in a circular motion aim for the centre of the phone. This is how NOT to hack a phone. It helps to know what not to do. #JustSaying What you CAN do is visit XDA developers forum. READ up on flashing your phone before you actually do it.
  • Surface pro
  • Not seems faster...
  • I'm not personally appealed by Windows 10 for phones yet, it's still buggy and the main new features are still missing. Everyone should just calm down and watch the OS's evolution.
  • I did it on good old Lumia 920. I'm not impressed. But I wanted to participate in the feedbacks ;)
  • So do I. 920 is good toy to play with W10, but my working 930 is untouched.
  • Error n.1: early programs for developers (Dev Center Benefits for Master developers) were bullshit. Error n.2: who owns top Lumias simply cannot accept not to be the first to receive an update, being this a preview or not.
  • As much as I love trying out new software before the masses and have been doing it for many many years, this is one instance I think the safe bet is to wait. Just as you stayed, if it's that big a deal, you can save a bunch of money by just buying a cheapo phone to try it on floor now. Much cheaper than risking bricking your $400+ phone for something like this.
  • Maybe it is too risky, but since you can fool them to think you have another phone, shouldn't it be possible to get the denim update like that? I have a lumia 920 with vodaphone branding from germany, it would be nice to have at least the denim update and i'm sure there are no risks
  • I have the same and already on denim?! Maybe because the PfD but anyway..
  • I have the preview for developers but no update
  • No because that comes off the carrier servers and if they haven't made it available, it won't be there. In any case if you have the PfD then Denim brings absolutely nothing, unless you like camera apps.
  • Error n3: saying that wp10 prev was technically impossible to install on L930/1520 was a bullshit too (just installed today...)
  • Once again, I share a comedy outtake of MS, 10, and the 1520: It's only 30 seconds.
  • Hey there ballsack
  • Thanks even though I won't risk my own and only device
  • in Vietnam,there are a lot of people doing this hack and some divices have been out of order. They are fools
  • Good planning by windows will surely keep the users stick to this app for a week .........LIKED THE LAST PIC OF HANGING YOGA TABLET
  • How is yoga hanging, I couldn't see well..
  • I'm not risking this one lack of Cortana etc for the UK etc
  • Just borrow your sisters phone and hack hers.
  • You think this hack would work on her iPhone? It would be funny as hell to see her face :)
  • That there would need to be shared with us.
  • I date her
  • Hack her snatch.
  • Hacked in success, but bricked upon rolling back... Now the Lumia Software Recovery Tool is telling me that my phone (Lumia 521) is not a Lumia. LOL
  • If you find out the product code or tell me and I'll messgae you. Follow this guide: :)
  • The Nokia suite always works for me. So I'd suggest you try that...
  • Unfortunately, it has failed on my Lumia 521 in this case... My phone would not respond to the "volume down & power" buttons combination. No vibration or screen on whatsoever. Only the sound effect of disconnection & connection on the PC's end.
  • I installed on my Lumia 720... this is Windows 10? OMG... little upgraded 8.1 nothing else... still without true multitasking ehhh just back to 8.1 and as my next phone I will switch to Blackberry OS10
  • lol This is a EARLY preview.
  • LOL and? you think they will add full multitasking? forget about it on W10 :)
  • oh wow, it's nice to see clueless people like you. do you even understand what "full multitasking" is? I am sure you would complain about battery usage on windows phone if that happens. do you understand it's up to developers to use good or bad the multitasking on WIndows?   even on desktop there is a difference between developers how they use windows store apps. but I know you are clueless so why i waste my time? oh yeah, it is just a waste of time. but get your awesome BBOS and don't let the door hit you... maybe you can try it on your head, that way something might start working.   I am sure you don't even understand what developer preview is... maybe you didn't even install it. but good luck! ^_____________^
  • nice to see children here... :) why developers evend didnt use multitasking on WP? you dont know? because of limits of this OS. Take your time and read about it (if youre able) ;) WP closes apps in the memory itself so you can forget about multiasking. I can only say... 1. You dont need multitasking becuase you are a Windows Phone user lol 2. You dont need multitasking because you are limited like WP OS lol 2. Windows Phone the only one mobile OS without multitasking lol :o) bye  
  • lol... HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ANY COMPANY RELEASING ITS OS for USERS and that too knowing the risk of its laggyness and bugs? Nope, because they do not have guts to do it. lolipop from google...ever seen it before it was released? no BB OS 10..ever seen in preview? nope... ios...8...nope...THE ANSWER IS a BIG NO for Users. DUDE there are many other things which a company cares about so ALL the Best for your BB and i hope they will not let u down for your MULTITASKING tasks. lol
  • You must really like the app gap.
  • You probably more ;o) because on BB I can install Android apps :) good night
  • I'd rather have apps designed for my platform than using apps from another. How many native blackberry apps are there? 10?
  • How many apps are u using daily? 34000? lol facebook, twitter, office, whatsapp  & music its enough for me. Read about Blackberry Blend :) I can use my laptop  check  my emails, bbm without touching my phone-  on WP you can use only one app in the same time because this is the only one OS for phones without true multitasking & W10 will not change it - on BB you can play music on youtube & at the same time write some documents ect. It's perfect.
  • Who cares man? Buy a BB with the lagdroid apps :)
    I don't need multitasking to listen to YouTube and use another app. I got MyTube and MetroTube for that ;) (and they don't have silly fuckin ads) Goodnight, see ya in hell :)
  • Probably you are using more apps on your phone than any other person in the world thats why u need android app on your future BB and you watch the youtube while using whatsapp, twitter,fb, office simultaneously. LOL you are a SUPERHUMAN. SORRY DUDE there is no SUPER OS as of now please check back soon later like 2090.
  • Just go and switch to that BB OS10 already. We'd really love to see you go. :-)
  • Noob.
  • Darn straight, install that super early alpha version and guess at the final feature set. Go, champ, go!
  • From 1 sinking ship to another
  • What's that I see... Flare guns from the titanic...mayday, mayday, we're fucked in the north Atlantic.
  • It's in a stage even before alpha, so you can't judge now ;)
  • Tempted but think I will wait until 10 is released for my 920.
  • ditto it just sits on my wiresless charger on my desk at home
  • I've installed this on a couple of spare Lumias using both hack methods. It's nice to get a peek and see what's going on, but it is absolutely not ready for my daily driver 1520. I actually bricked a 920 during this process (BSOD, wouldn't boot), which took me a lot of time and research and more hacking to bring back to life. The other phone acts wonky on mobile data and I can't get MMS working. A lot of what's exciting for me about Win 10 isn't even in the preview build yet. My advice, this is fun for testing on a spare phone you are willing to risk breaking, otherwise just be patient.
  • Could this same hack let you download phone specific apps?
  • Good question. Daniel......?
  • I agree that the $50 Lumia 635 is the way to go to play around. I just wish sprint would activate a boost or virgin mobile 635, as they are 50 and sprint version is 170.
  • Be careful too. I have a 635, and Windows Inside tells me "no builds available" Not sure why, but maybe get it from somewhere you can take it back if you go for it.
  • You restarting your phone and try it again? I did that and it worked. On my 635 that I got Saturday
  • Yes, have reset my phone. Thanks for the suggestion though. Not too fussed, but weird it won't update.
  • Not worth it only like 5 apps and changed most reverts back to 8.1 ill wait til music is updated
  • If i had a spare WP lying around i'd be doing it right now. As it is, hell no!
  • Installed on my Lumia 920 \\BUILD edition! Working great!!
  • I tried the XDA trick on my 1020 and there was no way to use mobile data. I tried creating a new access point, restarting the phone, and resetting and it didn't work. Also I couldn't change the glance settings.
    But meh, even though I was excited about testing it, I realized I can only stand a tech preview on a PC, but not in a phone. :P
  • Go to settings>network>cellular>SIM settings>edit internet APN>set APN to "pta" (for AT&T) and IP type to IPv4. Leave everything else blank. Restart the phone. Mobile data will work but MMS won't, and you'll get an Access Point error every time you reboot.
  • I also upgraded my Lumia 1520 and I am very happy despite a little unstability and performance degrade. It is just that awesome and fun to use. All my apps work, and some function even better! Push notifications seem to work instantaneously and are constant. DISCLAIMER
    Different people have different experiences, you may not be as satisfied, as I am.
  • I think I just found a reason to use my 920 again! Time to play!
  • As much as I was disappointed when the list of first devices were so small and my model wasn't on there, I'm going to wait for Microsoft to open up support for it.
    I only hope they do so in under a month cause I love testing things out.
  • I bought a $50 635 to play with 10 and I'm glad I did.  It may be worth "hacking" my 1520 when the universal Office apps are out but until then most functions I use right now are the same or similar but with bugs in 10.
  • I used to love to hack windows OS on my previous phones such as the loveable and hackable HD2 and later the HTC Titan x310e. With windows phone 8.1 on my lumia 1520 my phone works like a dream. Any official update after this is a bonus and will be happy to wait a while longer as an end user. Three things I am still waiting for sooner rather than later: Lumia denim Bluetooth keyboard support for all lumias Landscape support for all start menu's
  • I would do it on my 1520 in a second....if there's was some standout feature on win 10,like a home screen,but there just isn't...its Denim that has the big feature for 1520,waiting for that first
  • Only an idiot would install this hack on anything but a junk phone. A certain amount of insanity seems prevalent in tech nerds regardless of prefered os.
  • Hey! Don't call us tech nerds idiots :P
  • You should not by any means tell or show people how to hack something or follow a completely unofficial procedure. This is how impatient idiots will brick their phones and then start causing trouble on forums.
    I've been on the Xbox Preview program since the beginning and I've been rocking dev preview updates for ages but I respect my investment in my 930 enough to keep it on a clean state. Such a beautiful device should be run on its full potential and not on buggy builds.
  • I think they should have just said which phones would get it first. People would have been upset but at least they would have been upfront from the beginning. Instead they just released all that info the day the preview was available which I believe was a small mistake.
    Also, installing this on your device now would be a mistake I'd you think it's really ready to be your daily driver.
  • "Damned If You Do, Dammed If You Don't" I said the same thing to Joe when he did the quick vote.
    Well said Daniel. ____
    There's a way to reflash HTC devices? I didn't know that
  • Cant really see anything about the OS that makes it worth all the hassle, frankly.
  • Microsoft can beat the conundrum if they would tell us when to expect it
  • Am I the only one that has the TP installed on my PC and love it. But doesn't give a shit about the crappy TP for phones?
  • I agree
  • Nah as it currently stands W10 doesn't appeal just yet. Waiting on more features and changes. Otherwise, back to iOS ... :(
  • More features/changes? What does IOS have that windows doesn't? I'm not being facetious, I just have only played with an iPhone and don't know much about the OS. Android and Windows I do know. Thanks for any input.
  • Can I do this on my iPhone 6?
  • Why are you guys only mentioning the 1520 and 930? Won't other Lumia models get the upgrade when the 1520 and 930 do??
  • Of course, but it was the lack of 'flagship' phones being left out that caught a lot of attention. After all, it could be argued those that toss down $600 for a phone are some big fans of the OS. That and many people in tech media who cover this stuff only have high-end phones. They felt left out and then opined about it like it was a problem
  • I am fan of Windows Phone, that-s why my sister and mom use it... it doesn-t mean I will waste $600 on a phone that does the same. I waste my money on different things, like software that might make my job easier or hardware. but a phone? that's just lame to say "I am a fan of WIndows Phone, becuase I bought an expensive phone" anyway you already wrote about why no TP on other phones. and it seems many people have to reset their phones for the same reason stated by Microsoft. also if those tech media had money for a flagship $5000 phone, they have money to buy a cheap $100 phone to test windows 10. people just love making excuses and say "Microsoft left us out" nothing else. only excuses and wanting to complain about first preview. I just think it was stupid for people to say "I am more fan of WP because I bought an expensive phone" when Windows Phone works almost the same across devices. silly reasons, silly excuses. never believe them! never.
  • Danny, did you see this regarding 1520 and 10:
  • the good things is,now..lot of people already know how to flash their lumia by them self without going to reparation center... ;)
  • Ready for the fitbit showdown as I just messaged them via twitter about the notifications on WP.  I love my Charge HR but without those features I think I might be leaning towards the MS band...  Wish I had a band to test comfort with first.
  • The real question is why wait til the 13 th hour to tell everyone that only low end , 1 CPU is supported. Either they knew that a long time ago OR we should expect this partitioning feature is 90% done and should expect it soon?
  • Gosh, so much drama over a phone OS  ;)  just kidding... Now seriously, can someone tell me if Skype is finally built in the Messaging hub on Windows 10?
  • Done it on my 930. Not yet worth trying, it's too early and does not work ok,basic stuff such as battery saver control missing, cell data working slow, ugly tap+hold menus. Reflashed it back to 8.1 with NCS as it is more efficient. So don't bother risking...wait
  • Yes. Please how do I roll back to WP8.1?
  • I can see tricking the system to get the final version of an OS, but why bother when the OS isn't even close to be finished?
  • I'd love to do this hack for the heck of it...used to do a lot of this shit during the early days of WP7 on my HTC HD2. But unfortunately I don't have that kind of time now. So I'll just wait for the finalised Win10. And I'd suggest the average Joe to stick with Daniel's advice and be patient. Patience is a virtue.
  • I will not 'hack' I rather wait
  • My Lumia 635 is my secondary phone, Nexus 5 is my daily driver, so I believe my device was a good candidate.  I've been doing something I've never done on any of my devices before, providing feedback. Yes, Windows 10 looks nice so far, but there's no way in the world it could have been a daily driver for me. Constant app crashes, apps that wont even start, sharing via the Share Charm doesn't work at all, and in general I've been sending feedback as much as possible. It's been interesting reading the forums and watching people scream "bloody murder" based on the fact they did not receive the preview, be happy people. Enjoy 8.1 and learn it before trying to move on to something that is nowhere near actual release.   I'm now done with feedback and in the process of rolling back to 8.1.
  • Me too I am in the process of rolling back to WP8.1
  • I've done it, and it's not worth it yet. Can't even send mms messages in my device, and no place to 'fix' if.
  • I think the biggest disappointment isn't that we weren't included, but that w10 for phones so far seems a lot like wp8.1
    I expected the modern experience to evolve into something similar to what they showed in the "productivity future vision" video.....instead it's devolving to a more androidish version....
    But....this is just a technical preview!!
  • working great on my 720.. 
    buggy :(
  • Hi! Daniel. I installed the W10 TP for phone 2 days ago and now I want to roll back to Windows phone 8.1 what would I do?
  • How to fix the model name after being done with the hack?
  • Lumia recovery tool?
  • I have a Lumia 928 on Verizon and I am more than happy to wait for Microsoft to be ready to release to me. I am VERY glad MS is releasing it to a subset, understand the process completely. For those whining that they can't wait or it's not fair, go get in line with the other iSheep every 11 months for your new iPhone. I love the direction MS is taking with Win10 and Win10 for phones so far, no complaints from me.
  • While this may be far fetched, I think MS purposefully leaves these "hacks" as options for those who dare try it...i did the hack because i really wanted interactive notifications...
  • I have Lumia 630 with CYAN update because DENIM update is not yet available in Pakistan. I downloaded the Windows Insider app to run Windows 10 on my Lumia 630. I downloaded the update through this app and after restart my phone didn't upgrade to Windows 10.. I then opened the WINDOWS INSIDER app to check whether I had made any mistake or not? When I selected the option to GET PREVIEW BUILD it gave some error that I haven't downloaded the update yet. So I went to settings option and opened the tab PHONE UPDATE. And I was shocked that there was an update pending.. I didn't downloaded that update and Then i went to the extras+info option I was surprised to see that I got DENIM update. I'm confused whether this app is to upgrade lumia devices running with CYAN update to DENIM update or to WINDOWS 10??
  • Windows insider is for pre release builds of windows 10.
  • Windows Phone 520 perfect
  • I think that microsoft already should launch because this is going up in the 512 ram in my case 520
  • Great post. Many are going crazy over this update. I had it, and went back to 8.1 on less than a day. There's not much to do with that many bugs. And the novelties wear off. Moreover, if you have only one Lumia, don't even think about it.
  • I hack my 1020 with windows 10 but no smoothly feel to use it that's why Microsoft is not release yet for high-end devices I recommend wait for official windows 10 preview fo high-end device do not hack your phone cauz hack os is only for low end devices wait
  • Speaking as someone who bought a Lumia 635 in anticipation of the Windows 10 Mobile preview and has been testing it since it came out, I can tell you it's NOT worth it.  Save yourself the potential grief.
  • Preparing to install...70% on my 920! Sweet!
  • Quit calling the Windows 10 Preview an upgrade. You are throwing a build on your phone that is not even an alpha. I did try the hack on my old 920, but despite success with the hack it still showed no build available. No problem. Would have loved to check out out, but am even more debating whether to install this when available for my 930. I use the Band and Cortana daily and would be very bummed out of those stop speaking to one another ; )
  • As the person that developed the hack mentioned in the post, I do not really recommend you use it. Not because it's not safe (your phone automatically will go back to it's original model ID during the install) but because WP10 is buggy and frankly not worth it at the moment. Sure there's some nice features but the negatives outweigh the positive. I'm running 10 for the moment but probably going back to WP8 soon. Maybe I'll give it another shot in a month or 2 when they get further along in the development process.
  • I loved xda when I had an N900 and was overclocking it, but majority of people should probably stay away from xda.
  • It comes to my attention that the 1020 is never mentioned in the article. Is there a specific reason for that or was it a "Oops, yeah, add it too" ? This makes me wonder a little bit about the status of the phone. It was flagship device 1.5 years ago, but now it's... something that is not low end, but does not have the specs of a mid end either. Oh technology, you're a tricky lady. (Sorry, I know this last bit is unrelated to the post)
  • I'm curious, Daniel, what keeps win 10 from being your daily driver. I'm not a heavy app user so I'm wondering if that has to do with it.
  • ///dfsddfsfdsf
  • Being a windows 10 developer, i will not recommend you guys to do this.  Unless you are getting the official version of win 10 preview for your phone. Btw heres mine Lumia 1020 running the offical preview, not the Hacked one (Lumia 635-36).
  • So how did u get it lol.
  • Well, he mentioned he's a developper. Maybe they have an early build to test the development environment or something like that.
  • Is this hack appropriate for the One M8? Not one word in any form mentions someone doing it. Only 8x which works apparently.
  • As i mentioned, being a developer i get the builds for the windows phone devices earlier than their released dates.
  • Didn't MS say they're making a tool to revert to 8.1 anyways... Coz win10 resets all the registry values that were changed. So maybe not today... But at some point there will be a recovery tool? I want to wait and see how many bricks happen and if it works on HTC One before attempting.
  • If you wanna hack a phone, get an android. Windows phones not for children
  • I did it on my 720, but it was too buggy (no surprise) so I rolled back.
  • Did This on my 520 it says now update is available. I think I just keep it there until my device is supported
  • Will this work on non-lumia device such as htc 8x?
  • I got the 1520, but I'm not hacking mines.... I'll wait
  • Has anyone tried this on a 625? I have a 1520 and will not try it on her but I also have a 625.
  • WalMart also has the 635 for $50 bucks no contract GoPhone. 3 updates/reboots and your at 10!!
  • I find it so comical that some people are talking about switching just because the preview is buggy, is not feature rich and doesn't work fluidly like 8.1 on an unsupported device.
  • Lol yea. But then there are always lame ppl like that who think they know stuff just because they follow a tech site and can follow step by step instructions to "hack" their phone. I readily admit I have no clue of how windows 10 for phone will be in the future. I don't act like I know either. That's also why I wont give up on this early stage of software based on what I have seen so far.
  • I should hack and get windows phone 10 for my Lumia 521. I want interactive notifications instead of opening the app.
  • Has anyone gotten the 1020 to work with the update? I've tried and I don't get anything available, but no one has said its not ready on the site (that I've read)
  • I think even a large portion of the people who claim they understand it's a preview don't TRULY appreciate how unique it is to release an OS to the public during this stage. They should be grateful and amazed that such a reputable brand is allowing them to help shape a product at this stage of development.
  • Exactly.
  • Not to mention the ppl that don't understand it's a very early preview lol
  • I think I will just wait for the next two or three updates. By then, they will have added more features and increased stability. I just want ATT to push out Denim to the Lumia 1520 and hopefully, GDR 2. But, I have a feeling they will not and I will have to wait for the Win 10 update to official roll out, or a new flagship Win10 phone to be released.
  • What about using that hack on Lumia 520? Is that success?
  • Actually there is a much much easier method posted on YouTube by tech cat. Its very simple. Im of course extremely afraid to try it on my icon.
  • Ok....tried the other method....gabe of Microsoft is of course correct...dont install . Phone wont brick or anything ..just will get an error message. Wait for Microsoft push
  • Carrot??
  • I installed windows 10 hack in my 920 to brick it but it didn't. I can't find a way to get rid of this phone. It's invincible.
  • "Personally, I do not think this is worth the energy, not yet. I am also not impressed with the Lumia 520 running Windows 10 because I fully expect it." Lol, I think he says this to me, 'cause I'm the guy who uploaded a video showing W10TP in a 520
  • How about 620, can I hack it? Bcause sys free only 188 mb.
  • Pls provide call recording option...n preview so many bugs r there...
    Background image is shown....
    Slow operating
    Navigation bar menu is missing on setting.....pls give that option...
    Show apps to quick status option is not working...
    Dail keypad is vv vv bad...
    Mainly that settings menu appearance is vv vv bad...
    Unnecessary mobile is heated....
    Hey cortona is not working...
    No video calling....
    Pls improve some shortcuts option........pls be only one ....that's our""""Nokia"""......
  • No way will I hack an OS on my 1520.  When I saw the post on the net then in the forums, my first thought was no way am I risking my phone to XDA. No freakin' way. I can wait until its official. In the meantime, I'll read the stories.  
  • What that does means, especially 520 , now I am started thinking that this new windows 10 update won't come on Lumia 520, why they experiments with us... Very disappointed
  • Anyone got the hack working on 520. After i try to install it comes with an error , showing unsuccessful.
  • I think the only misstep Microsoft made her was not making it clear than only a small set of services would get Win 10 at this point, and why. Facts and reason given ahead of time trend to keep whining to a minimum. Building then puncturing them has the opposite effect.
  • How to change the model no.
  • HiHishiM istall w10 preview 5day ago but so many problems in this preview
    1. Not off WiFi connection
    2. So many leggings n hack
    3. Bettry backup is no so long
    4. Mobile data connection is not good evry tym show not internet connection n so many problems in preview in my Lumia 730 dual
  • As long as you're doing it on your secondary phone it's alright, do whatever you want with it. But if you're hacking your primary phone then you must be a fool!
  • I wanted to try it for myself, never satisfied until I have my own hands-on. Hacked my lumia 1020, everything seems to be working fine apart form the " Carrier Internet Issue " (which i can live without :P) and some known bugs, hopefully they will be fixed in the upcomming builds !! 
  • I have the same issue with Movistar Spain, it says that has a problem with my Access Point and when i choose my apns it not Works...
  • I  don't like Windows 10 until you give update for my issues. 1. My mobile getting too slow. 2. Sometimes screen not switching on. I need to restart for that. 3. Bachground pic is not visible. 5. Caller ID not visible while incoming, only number displaying.
  • I installed preview in my Lumia 730, not supporting well many issues I found. I  don't like Windows 10 until you give update for my issues. 1. My mobile getting too slow. 2. Sometimes screen not switching on. I need to restart for that. 3. Bachground pic is not visible. 4. Back button on navigation bar not working on start screen. 5. Caller ID not visible while incoming, only number displaying.
  • Please solve the technical preview issues for Lumia 730. My mobile irritates me like anything.
  • Has anyone installed wp10 on Lumia 535???
  • When it will be available for Lumia 620 or 720 or 520? ( estimate time)
  • Don't want to hack. Waiting for tech preview or official
  • It's too late I've already installed on my 525 and I'm lovin it. Few minor bus though.
  • Didnt want to update--too much bugs. I'd rather wait msft squashing some bugs
  • If I hack my Lumia 720 using chines proxy...will I be able to install further updates released by microsoft or do i need to roll back using nsrt...pls help
  • Nice article Daniel. It's always good to read what's in the chief editor's mind. You should do these articles every week talking about the new happenings of the week and a quick sneak peek in the next week. :)
  • Okay only 2 things I need to know   where can I get that T-Shirt und why is there a carrot :D
  • Used this method to install on my 920 didnt like it too much so tried to revert phone got stuck in flash mode and wouldnt let me flash took to nokia shop they couldnt dead flash it so have sent it away to be sorted. Just a warning guys its probably not worth it yet not that many new features. Also I think three UK blocked all my traffic when using windows 10 for phones.
  • May Microsoft give me an extra phone to play with, will be more than happy... They got lost in the concept a bit - me paying for the phone and then working for them by testing for nothing or even buying an extra one just to be on the safe side (show off) that I have preview of Windows 10 for phones?! Where we got to...?! Although an enthusiast I don't have time to test...
  • Not working on lumia 535. Can anyone help??
  • When denim or 10 will b available lumia 820 middle east?
  • I installed it on my 1520, I recommend everyone with high end phones to wait, the settings menu looks retarded the lag and refresh rate on the start screen looks like androids honeycomb, better off waiting another week. Posted via the Nexus 1520!
  • Using windows 10 on lumia 525
  • I don't want to brick my Lumia 820 PfD
  • Just installed it on Lumia 620 and it's working completely fine, no bugs found yet.
  • My 1520 is sitting unused while I wait for W10, patiently. I lie. (sad face).  However, I am giving it til the next build before I hack.
  • No i never ever hack my phone!
  • Installed it on 920 works fine   Not really much different to 8.1 aside from settings menu and slight aesthetic changes    
  • Anyone do this on an HTC One M8... If so... Should I wait?
  • Installed fine on my m8. Has a few glitches, but the Bluetooth works perfectly now in my jeep (it was broken in 8.1), so I'm happy to use it despite the random crashes/glitches and whatnot. Can't wait for the next preview with added content:)
  • Dude your awesome for responding. If you could report back how it goes as the days pass please do so I know if I should. Most important functions for me is text and emails. I get tons of emails and answer them all on my phone. Calls are great but not important. Barely use apps. Just Cortana. Ksmith401 (at) live (.) com if thats easier. I really appreciate it. Also... Are you able to get Nokia apps? Lol...
  • I'll e-mail ya :) But yeah, Nokia apps are there. Here drive glitches out every now and then and I have to close it and re-open it. Calls and texts are flawless, although some numbers are unrecognized and show up as +1 (area code) xxx-xxxx. Once I update the affected contacts they are fine (in messaging). No big deal..
  • Also, email client seems like the same version as the one included with wp 8.1, works fine
  • Guys I downloaded it to my lumia820 but wjen it restart to install it shows the spinning gear for just a minute and opens the phone and said installing failed try again in a minute... Help me pls I used the Chinese way...
  • How can I change my model no Lumia 625
  • I did it! Runs smooth on my lumia 820! With some lags, but work! But i have a problem with the Access Point and i can't Access to the internet with my data plan... I configure the apn to my carrier, and my model, operator MOID etc... Are the same than in 8.1... Any solution to this? Thanks!
  • Let me see...
    Lumia Denim is the anticipated update that rolls out the globe. There are also MANY countries/Lumia models that have not got Cyan yet. Window 10 probably will bring a new firmware update -you name the color- but till then, hey GDR 2 for WP 8.1 will be out. But you may start already testing Windows 10 for phone? Ask all thw Lumia users what OS?FW are they using? Many will say Lumia Black, I use Cyan, others Denim, oothers GFR2 and others Windows 10. This is what i call A Mess!!!
    Cortana will be a feature of Win 10? I thought it was meant to appear with Cyan, but bad news MS! You work only for the USA. You have dumped the other, non US markets. How long shall i wait to have Cortana in Europe/Greece for instance? Oh sorry, there is India too! This is why i did not want you to buy Nokia in the first place. Another Apple !!!! US- centric. Well, i dont mind being second for a month or two. but not for plus half a year for an app!!!
    Why cant you make a global Cortana app? It can sync with city lens, or MAps, or anything in my region and plus... uses thw damn internet for stuff, it is a global thing right? I love WP, but you will never learn!