EditorsKeys launches Surface keyboard covers for video, photo and audio editing

EditorsKeys, purveyor of editing keyboards and covers customized for industry programs, has outed a new batch of keyboard covers for the Surface line. Covering four popular Adobe apps, each cover overlays specific shortcuts on top of your regular keyboard to make editing from your Surface a little more manageable.

Currently, EditorsKeys has covers available with labeled shortcuts for Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom and Audition. The company also makes a number of covers for other programs ranging from Ableton to Illustrator, so it wouldn't be out of the question to see more available later. Still, this initial batch covers photo, video, and audio editing, so it's a solid start.

It's worth noting that you'll be asked to choose which Surface you have when checking out, and the options available are limited to Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Surface Laptop. If you live in Adobe's editing tools, you can pick one of these up now directly from EditorsKeys for $36.98.

See at EditorsKeys

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  • Would be awesome if EditorsKeys' would actually me a physical type cover with the keys arranged that way. After all the type covers are its own market apparently and mostly sold seperately anyway. Shouldn't be too hard to switch out the monochrome keys to the EditorsKeys' layout. We've already had other creative itterations of the type cover such a dj cover and a powercover and a touchcover.
  • Remember when microsoft was going to create separate keyboards for products like the DJ one.  lollol.  i tried to believe in it so hard, but nope.
  • Now we just need ones for Dvorak ...
  • Lol, nice overlay for those who have a hard time remembering keyboard shortcuts and have no plans of ever changing them in Adobe's applications... Wish Microsoft would stop being a d!ck and open up the Surface-connect port for third-party keyboards. I'd definitely like an Eve V-like Surface keyboard.
  • Some companies have used the magnectic connection to hold it in place and then use Bluetooth to connect the keyboard data wise, with varying results mind you