EE is recalling Power Bar portable chargers over fire risks from overheating

EE has identified a small number of incidents where its Power Bar portable chargers have overheated. The company is now recalling a specific batch of Power Bars and is asking consumers to check the model numbers of their chargers.

Should your Power Bar be from the E1-06 batch, you'll need to return it as the charger could pose a fire safety risk. Here's how to check:

EE Power Bar

Simply head to your local EE store and hand the unit in. If you happen to own a Power Bar from another batch, EE states you should be absolutely fine. In the meantime, EE has suspended its swap program until the investigation is complete.

Source: EE (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • My power bar model number is E1-01, so I'm good.
  • Thanks for letting us know.
  • Thanks for the kind comment.
  • How civil.
  • Amusingly these power bars are not owned by EE customers, they remain the property of EE. So if EE's property burns down your house EE would be owing a lot of cash. They better send letters to affected customers, because an article like this isn't going to cut it. I bet they're in a bit of a panic today over at EE HQ.
  • I knew they must have had a valid reason to take over 3 weeks to switch on my fibre broadband! /s lol
  • I'm an EE customer and received a text a few hours before this article was published, so they are telling customers
  • Didnt the original power bars have this issue as well?   Its a little scary how much we depend on Li-ion batteries and how unstable they can be.
  • I got the code for one of these but never bothered to go and collect it because it wouldn't even do a full charge of my Lumia 1320. Poo poo.
  • It's still something, plus its free.
  • Its not free though, if you don't take it back in 18 months they are going to charge you £5, check the ee twitter feed.
  • They never mentioned anything about that to me but I've heard that from many other sources too. Cheeky not to warn me. What about the box (tube) it came in?
  • I think it got mentioned somewhere that they had to do that for legal reasons and the chances of them asking for payment is 0.
  • Musta been using the Nvidia supplier
  • Mine always over heats
  • I've got the evil batch