Elgato Green Screen review: Exactly what serious game streamers need

Elgato makes it more convenient than ever to use a green screen in your streams. This is the one to get.

ELgato green screen

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If you're into streaming, one sure-fire way of upping your broadcast quality is by using a green screen. All of the popular software for streaming, including OBS and XSplit, support chroma key background removal. But for that you need a solid single-color background.

Green screens work great, but they've traditionally been cumbersome, expensive, or just overly involved. Elagto makes plenty of equipment that goes into the streaming process, and with the Elgato Green Screen they're stepping around behind your chair in a way that's affordable, clever, and easy-to-use.

What you'll love about the Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen

Green Screen

There is absolutely no assembly required with the Elgato Green Screen. All you have to do is take it from the box it ships in, undo the latches and pull it up. It takes seconds and it's so simple. Packing away is a simple reversal.

This is important for a couple of key reasons. First is that it can be enjoyed by those with limited space (like me!). The Elgato Green Screen is designed to be packed away every time you're done using it. No hanging cloth, no erecting support stands, absolutely no fuss.

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Material100% polyester (wrinkle resistant)
Dimensions (screen)70.87 x 58.27 in (180 x 148 cm)
Dimensions (retracted)64.76 x 4.13 x 4.53 in (164.5 x 10.5 x 11.5 cm)
Weight20.52lbs (9.3kg)

As you'd expect with an Elgato product, the quality is exceptional. The green screen is 100% polyester, sturdily thick, and the perfect shade of green for chroma key. The base gets some stability from a pair of feet that swivel out. The green screen is attached to a metal frame that acts like a scissor so it can easily collapse away, but that also keeps it tight as a drum and wrinkle-free at all times. Elgato claims the Green Screen is wrinkle resistant and in my use so far that's held up.

The design is basically the same as the retractable stand-up display panels you might've seen in the world of trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, and the like. Except this one is green.

What you'll hate about the Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen

This thing is huge.

Even though the Elgato Green Screen is a quite practical solution, it's still quite large. It can easily be used in the smallest of spaces (my office is a great test bed for that), but it's still very tall and very wide at the base. It's also not designed to stand up on either end for storage — it'll just fall right over. You'd be better off storing it under a bed, desk, or in a corner somewhere.

It's also quite expensive, and given the demand for it, you're unlikely to see many deals anytime soon. At just shy of $150 this is no small investment to make, although the benefit to your stream quality may outweigh this.

Bottom line on the Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen

If you ever wanted to use a green screen but were put off by the cumbersome nature of setting one up, then Elgato just fixed every problem. The Elgato Green Screen is fantastically easy to use, high quality and can be used in even the tightest of spaces since you can pack it away again in seconds.

That's all it takes to use it, too. It glides up or packs away with ease, so long as you have the space to store it flat.

Early demand for this product was insane to the point it was out of stock for months, but now availability has been fixed and you can get one easily. Whether it's worth the not-insignificant investment of around $150 is a decision only you can make. But if you do want a green screen, this is the way to go. You simply cannot do better.

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