'Endzone: A World Apart' is a hardcore apocalypse city-builder, with surprisingly deep radiation mechanics

Endzone (Image credit: Gentlymad Studios)

Endzone: A World Apart is an upcoming strategy game set in a nuclear apocalypse, with deep city-building mechanics. In a series of developer diaries, Assemble Entertainment has been detailing the game's complex mechanics, with this most recent one giving us a look at how radiation works.

There are a few similar city-building games with survival mechanics, but the radiation systems proposed by Endzone seem far more complex than similar games I've seen in recent times. The levels of radioactive activity shift with the weather, requiring management from a weather station. Additionally, the top soil has to be cleared by your villagers regularly, since radioactive rain contaminates the soil, and thus your crops. Water gathering systems have to be cleared out as well, to prevent your colonists from becoming irradiated.

Radioactive settlers can become sick and less productive, or worse, infertile, and eventually, well, dead. You can mitigate this by crafting protective clothing and keeping them out of harm's way, by effectively managing the shifting radioactive storms.

Endzone is slated to hit early access on Steam on April 2, 2020. Alternatively, you can pre-order to get instant access to the closed beta.

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