Stay powered up even in the great outdoors with Enkeeo's portable power station on sale for $87

The Enkeeo 155Wh portable power station solar electric generator (opens in new tab) is down to $87.49 with a $10 off on-page coupon and the coupon code 336ULMDW on Amazon. This power station has sold for around $130 since mid-February and has never dropped below $120 directly. Today's deal is the best price we've seen.

As a portable power source, the generator can hold 155Wh, which is equivalent to 42000mAh. It only weighs 3.7 pounds and its compact design makes it as easy to carry as a handbag. The options for charging are numerous with two AC outlets, two DC ports, one Quick Charge 3.0 USB port, and two regular USB ports. You can see how much energy remains on the display, and you're covered by plenty of safety features to prevent things like over-charging. If you can't get to a place to plug in and recharge, you can use the included 12V car charger or connect to a solar panel (opens in new tab) and recharge that way.

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John Levite
Deals Editor

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