Episode 5 of the 'Little Amazing Show' goes live: Paris

Nokia has posted episode 5 of the 'Little Amazing Show', which is shot in Paris and focuses on happiness. A pretty neat stunt was on Parisian street, where bubbles flooded the area and excited the public with contagious smiles. The video is perfect media for a rainy day, or to simply lighten the mood. Nokia really is going all out with marketing and advertising, and these video montages compliment their efforts.

Be sure to check out the previous episodes if you haven't already:

Source: YouTube (Nokia)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ok, maybe I’m being "American" but does anyone else think it's strange that commercials mix in English text with the local language; in this case French.
    Have seen this done quite a bit. Just find it odd that in other parts of the world they use English text instead of their own local language. You would think that they would just use text from the local language.
  • Love this stuff.  Please do this in the US Nokia.
  • Microsoft really needs to hire whoever is doing Nokia's advertising campaign. Maybe then we wouldn't have to see those craptastic TV commercials they put out anymore.
  • Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Guardian has once again posted a negative Nokia/Microsoft piece. Which will get more viewers would you say, the Guardian or the 'Little Amazing Show'?
    While it's true that the 'review' that the article refers to is clearly nonsense, the astroturfing from some Nokia and MS employees makes ridiculing them all too easy. It also makes them look as if they're too sensitive to any criticism of the Lumia.
    Someone accused me in a previous post of being a 'party pooper'. I'm not, and I genuinely love my Lumia 800. I'm just very concerned that the marketing from Nokia (and MS in particular) just isn't getting through, and that the use of the term 'Windows' for a phone will simply generate a negative response. The Guardian in particular is generally pro-Apple, and their coverage of WP7 (and related handset reviews) has been overall fairly negative - I think their coverage will have more impact than a few pretty videos that hardly anyone will see.
  • Oh man, not another "Windows" comment. The fact is that Windows is bigger than any mobile platform. Actually it's bigger than anything that ever has been, and ever will be in computing. Maybe it's time for people to rediscover Windows, and Windows Phone is a good place to start. And for those who who have stood in long lines for the next best thing, maybe it's time they started thinking for themselves. I am proud to be a Windows Phone owner.
    Regarding Microsoft and Nokia's marketing strategy, what's the big rush. They have a plan. Let them follow it through. Rolling Thunder baby. Grab on or get out of the way.
  • I agree, in fact I think that should be the general direction for Microsoft's advertising: Rediscover Windows. Not only now with Windows Phone but with Windows 8 as well.