Everyone at Remedy wants to make Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake
Alan Wake (Image credit: Microsoft)

At E3 2018, Remedy Entertainment revealed Control for Xbox One and PC. Control is a supernatural third-person action-adventure that takes place in a universe similar to the one in Quantum Break. After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new director struggling to regain control. Instead of taking place in a science fiction setting, Control explores mysticism in a modern light.

Recently, DualShockers interviewed Remedy's Mikael Kasurinen about Control and the team's past projects like Alan Wake. Kasurinen said that the developer owned the franchise and wanted to see it return in the future. Alan Wake is regarded by many as a modern cult classic and many gamers have been craving a sequel for years.

So we own... Alan Wake... I just want to say right away that it's very dear to us and close to our hearts. We all love Alan Wake at Remedy and I think all of us want to see a new Alan Wake game. I just want to say that out loud. Unfortunately, I can't speak to it anymore than that. We'll see what happens with Alan Wake next but we all want to see it happen.

Since Microsoft published Alan Wake, it's unclear how that would work for a future game. From what we understand, both of the companies would have to work together on a sequel. Hopefully Microsoft and Remedy can figure it out because it's high time Alan Wake got a next-generation game.

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Asher Madan

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  • Microsoft, just buy Remedy, give them money for Alan Wake 2 (and later for Quantum Break 2)! That would be the best solution ^^
  • Surprised it hasnt happened sooner
  • the only issue with Remedy is they take forever to release a game. MS would have to eat a lot of $$$, knowing they could take 4-5 years to make a game which may or may not sell well.
  • That is because games aren't made let alone developed and designed over night. It can take awhile especially since many AAA games can have the budget, staff etc equal to a hollywood blockbuster. Sure, game engines sort of reduces the lead time but solely relying on game engines isn't going to result in a good game or a cult classic.
  • So remedy owns the ip but still needs Microsoft to help? Doesn't make any sense unless they own part of it.
  • Probably money
  • MS have publishing rights. Sometimes a publisher will put into contract that they have rights to publish the first 2 or 3 games of an IP. While Remedy may own the IP, they may not have the publication right to the 2nd game.
  • Great info, thanks.
  • Do you have a link about that?
  • Remedy owns the IP for Alan Wake, like Insomniac for Sunset Overdrive or Crytek foe Ryse unfortunately. Microsoft is a owner only for Quantum Break.
  • $$$$$$$$ issue. A game programmer in US earns average 6-7K USD per month. A team of 40 people x 3-4 years + middle-ware license, HW, software license, tool license, business operation fee, publishing costs, other expanses... I'm in Japan, I have 45 ppl in my team (3 months ago was 30).
    Yeah, not cheap. * In Japan, nowadays, a game engine takes 30 ppl 3-4 years to make, then, you can start making game, not games, not plural. That is why Fox Engine, Luminous Engine, etc are failures... And it's why we see lesser and lesser games from Japanese nowadays. Tech lacks behind, and their own console market is failing too. Do you think Manga, Anime and J-Game == Japan? You are wrong. Manga is the only one widely being accepted.
    Game and Anime has changed, they have narrower market now and they actually compete with each other. Well... as far as I know... MS is actually easy going. Only thing not tolerable is promise and deadline. It's a bye bye if you cannot keep it. They are all about performance.
  • tbh, with Remedy... maybe they can help creating / releasing MANY different short ch1 games for GamePass. Invest more if a story/game becomes a hit.
  • I thought Microsoft helped finance the development of Alan Wake.
  • No publisher wants to fund it (for good reason), though. That Remedy wants to do AW2 is no secret, they have talked about pitching the game to publishers several times in the past. It's not happening, Remedy is burnt. They can only get third class publishers for their games because of the financial failures of AW and QB.
  • What Asher Madan didn't say (and probably on purpose) is that Control is also coming on PS4. What it means is that Remedy probably think that they'll get a lot more sales if they make it available to the +80m PS4 owners. From the statement, for me, it looks like they may actually be working on it, at least early concept...
    Anyway like he said we'll see what happens.
  • Well it's a given if you increase availability on more platforms, you will see higher sales. How much higher is the question.
  • The backbone of Control is QB, they have the game engine already. They just need to spend some more resources on contents, to rebrand it, release it as a new game. They won't be able to go multiplats (or even publish it without a publisher) if they build it from 0.
  • But who says they should build it from 0? They have assets they can reuse.
    They already worked on a prototype, and they tried real hard to make a sequel, so I think they already have the story more or less written.
  • 1. You are saying, QB engine is a 2nd hand engine? 2. List said "assets" they've reused.
  • This is certainly a wish list item.
  • Remedy was a better purchase than let's say.. Ninja theory.
  • These is what the Xbox needs exclusive games AAA, XBOX only, seen how PlayStation has had its fair share of wonderful in-house AAA
  • --- deleted --- Wrong post
  • Maybe Microsoft should buy Remedy, make Alan Wake II, and push for an Alan Wake Netflix show.