Everything new for Microsoft OneDrive from Q1 2022

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft summarizes all of the new features for OneDrive from the first three months of 2022 in a recent Tech Community post.
  • A refreshed version of Files on Demand for macOS, a built-in image editor on the web, and a sync client for ARM-based Windows devices are some of the biggest features from the last quarter.
  • Microsoft also made it easier to copy and organize copied content in OneDrive earlier this year.

Microsoft frequently rolls out new features and updates to OneDrive. We often cover these as they come out, but it's nice to gather things together for a recap. Since, OneDrive doesn't get as many new features as some other apps from the company, such as Teams, Microsoft has a quarterly roundup rather than a monthly one. Here's everything that's new for OneDrive from the first quarter of 2022.

Back in January, Microsoft released a new Files on Demand experience for macOS. The update brought back an icon from a previous version that made it easier to identify which files were stored locally or just in the cloud. New management options for the macOS version of OneDrive make it easier to select which files are kept on a device.

Microsoft added new options for link settings earlier this year as well. Now, you can choose your preferences before generating a link for sharing. This prevents people from having to copy a link twice. OneDrive and SharePoint also gained new dialogs for moving and copying files.

When looking at photos through OneDrive on the web, you can now use a built-in image editor. The tool supports basic edits, such as cropping, rotation, adding filters, and marking up an image.

ARM-based devices got a big boost when it comes to using OneDrive as well. Microsoft released the OneDrive sync client for Windows on ARM in March. In February, the company also added the ability to natively run OneDrive sync on Apple Silicon. In both cases, people should see improved performance.

Here are some smaller features that shipped to OneDrive in the first few months of 2022:

  • Known Folder Move support for macOS
  • Library Dropdown
  • Sync Activity Center visual update
  • Organize your "Add to OneDrive" shortcuts


OneDrive is a convenient way to store files, photos, and videos in the cloud. You can access it from a wide range of devices, including those running Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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