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Facebook for Windows Phone updated to 2.4 bringing events back

The official Facebook app has been updated to version 2.4, following reports that events were no longer accessible with the main menu entry being removed in 2.3. To be able read up on upcoming events requires the user to hit the "..." menu and filter out the news feed. Just a heads up for those who miss this feature being easily accessible.

Head on over to the Marketplace to download Facebook.

Thanks to those who sent tips in!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Using the filter never worked for me, but with the update everything is fine. Now it's a great update and I'm looking forward to getting further ones.
  • Now for the next update, hopefully they'll switch it from seeing the first 100 posts in a status, to the last 100 posts in a status. 
  • Why follow a status with more than 100 comments? Just go hangout with those people
  • That's a pretty dumb question... Not everyone is within "hangout" distance.  And if you don't follow statuses with more than 100 comments, this obviously doesn't affect you, so you're comment is irrelevant.
  • I never got the filter to work either, not sure why.
  • Besides tagging people in posts and comments, and being able to like comments, what other features still need to be added to Windows Phone's Facebook app? Just wonderin'...
  • I would like to pin Groups... :)
  • Just figured out another one... can't delete your own posts when needed.
  • I'd like a live tile that shows some information instead of a cryptic number on it. The three icons for messages, notifiactions and friend requests would already be sufficient for me.
  • Yes a better Live Tile. Delete the ugly red ball notification, those things should be forbidden.
    You have some good ideas there with the icons.
  • Messages need a big overhaul, they are terrile now. Thy should cache and always show the name of the person a thread is led with as the title, instead of showing the name of whoever sent the last message (bacause as it is now, half of the conversations are titled with my name).
  • Agreed. I've also noticed that the Messages do not refresh immediately. There are times when I get a notification of a new message, but the Inbox doesn't show it until several minutes later.
    Out of curiosity, do your messages display incorrectly if the response has a link in it? Mine displays one word on each line for responses that have links, but displays just fine for responses without links in them.
    I have emailed these issues to the Facebook development team, but I never know if anyone reads them. I always receive a response (automated or from the developer themselves) whenever I contact developers for other apps, but never received any acknowledgement from the Facebook app developers.
  • While I'm definitely glad they have restored Events and Birthdays in this version, there are minor things (annoyances) that prevents this from being a truly quality app. For instance, when looking at the Birthdays, it does not automatically go to the nearest (upcoming) birthday. Rather it goes to the beginning of the month. I'm not sure how hard it is to make that happen, but it is such attention to detail that makes a quality app.
    Another thing I've noticed is in Messages, responses with URLs in them display one word on each line. Responses without links display just fine.
  • So much of this app is one of the most impressive social experiences on the platform... And yet I want to scream at them for seemingly loading so much on the UI thread! Just locks up whilst you wait for the download to complete! Devs if you're listening: Use a little threading! The SDK's BackgroundWorker class is such a simple way to improve your app's responsiveness :D
  • Tell 'em Jay!!! :)
  • Yes its painfully slow sometimes. :(
  • There's a BIG feature that it still needs: a metro style icon, with the same phone accent color.
    I really can't stand that blue tile! -.-"
  • That would be cool, keeping with the Metro design theme, making it stand out in a classy way.
  • Perhaps if they made the tile LIVE but branding...that's how it go
  • How about the ability to delete friends
  • I'd like to delete a post or one of my comments within a post.
  • Ok haha I found another MAJOR bug. Has anyone noticed after the update you can't swipe on the notifications screen if there's no notifications?? You have to swipe the banner to get out of there!! Or if there's 1 or 2 notifications you can swipe on those but not on the white space below. That's unbelievable. Anyone else getting this?
  • Hmmm...I cannot replicate your bug. If I understand correctly, are you saying that one cannot swipe from the main screen to the notifications screen (swiping left) if there are no notifications when you launch the app?
  • Yes, i have the same bug! They only have to set the Background="Transparent" of the control (perhaps listbox with notifications) instead of nothing (null)..
  • I haven't updated yet and have the same bug. You can swipe into notifications but not out of notifications unless you swipe the header.
  • No I'm saying you can swipe to the notifications screen but can't swipe out if you swipe on the white space. If you start from the very edge of the screen though were you can slightly see the next page it swipes but if you swipe more to the centre it doesn't work.
  • I went to the Marketplace after seeing this post and it didn't show an update. I backed out of it and selected it again and then I was given the update. I downloaded it and my phone still shows 2.3.1 but on the Marketplace the app description shows 2.4.  I uninstalled then downloaded again and the app still shows 2.3.1 but the description shows 2.4.. Anyone have any idea why it's doing this? This is on my HTC Arrive. I will try to update on my HD7 and see what happens.
  • Far to much screen space is being wasted, it was the same in the previous version when the "status" field was always displayed at the top of the screen.
    The headings should display as a watermark
  • For some reason I can not update to 2.4.0, I have 2.3.1, I have tried to manually upgrade to 2.4 but it won't let me. I updated today for the 2.3.1 and events are now working. Not sure what the difference is. In the marketplace it says it is version 2.40, but under about in the FB app, it has 2.3.1 ; no way to update even if I force it.
  • Same here. Did the devs forget to update the About Screen?
  • Yeah I noticed the 2.3 as well.
  • Same here. App says it's at 2.3.1 while it's supposed to be 2.4. Tried reinstall from marketplace but no luck.... ?
  • Noticed a 2.0 thread about push notification issues. I just got a lumia 900 (1st windows phone) and I have not toast or tile count functionallity after toggling the options on and off and reinstallling the app. Anyone have a fix for this? Am I the only one still having this problem in 2.3.1/2.4 or whatever it is?