Fallout 4's Nuka Cola Quantum will go on sale again in Target stores on Dec. 18

If you live in the U.S, you have a second shot at buying a real-life version of Nuka-Cola Quantum, a favorite drink in the Fallout game series. Bethesda Softworks and Jones Soda will release a new batch of the drink in Target stores in the U.S. on Friday, Dec. 18. Each bottle will cost $2.99 or you can get one for free if you buy either Fallout 4 for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, or a code for the game's Season Pass.

The first shipment of Nuka-Cola Quantum quickly sold out in Target stores when it was released alongside the launch of Fallout 4 itself in November. Many disappointed cola and Fallout fans accused Bethesda Softworks and Jones Soda of not offering enough bottles to meet demand, and even accused Target employees of buying all the bottles beforehand so they could sell them on eBay. In today's announcement, it warns that quantities of Nuka Cola Quantum will be limited.

Source: Fallout (Twitter)

  • Tfeh
  • Last time was definitely a hoarder's paradise. People were buying entire stocks at store where a limit wasn't enforced. My store was sold out immediately, which sucked.
  • Nah its not the real deal. The bottles arent shaped right. Now uf the bottles were shaped like a rocket as in the game.... I would shell out cash :-)
  • Pretty much this.
  • Couldn't agree more. If I happen to be in a target on friday, I'll consider it (I probably won't) but I certainly won't go out of my way to get one of those.
  • Honestly, why couldn't they do this properly?
  • Money
  • Jones is still pretty good well worth the money
  • They arent shaped right? Shows how new you are to the series. These bottles shaped like the ones from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. If anything, the shapes from Fallout 4 break continuity.
  • The ones in Fallout 3 are shaped like a traditional glass Coke bottle. The ones in FO4 are wrong, and so are these. 
  • It'll be the same this time around
  • I'd appreciate if it would come on sale in the UK
  • I'm gonna be there when they open!
  • Does it taste like Radscorpion sh* and turn your p* blue or does it taste like radscorpion p* and turn your sh* blue? Crazy...talk about your slow news day! =p
  • John, can you guys do a review on how it taste? Lol.
    Like a staff review with everyone's opinion? That would be different.
  • Its probably just the same ole flavors jones makes(bubblegum by the looks of it)
  • Eff it. Not gonna fall for it again. Go ahead, buy them all up and put them on eBay. They don't even look right.
  • I must have it.
  • I wish some of these give away or deals were world wide
  • This is why Personal and Mental Health days exist. You will be mine at opening on Target Dec. 18th NukaCola.
  • Cool
  • Is it irradiated?