Fallout 76 to get mods and private servers, cross-play a possibility

Today, Bethesda shared more details about Fallout 76's post-launch content. According to the developers, the game will get mods and private "worlds" — essentially servers — down the line. This will allow server administrators to tailor the experience. For example, let's say you want to have hyper-aggressive creatures and weak weapons. You can do that. Project Leader Jeff Gardiner said the following in an interview with Wikia.

Sometime in the future — way in the future — we are fully going to embrace mods and then do something we're calling private worlds. We don't usually try to use the word server so much... we're trying to call them worlds, and these are going to be private worlds that folks will be able to set up and mod to their heart's content... It'd be sort of up to that curator — or whatever you want to call them — to be responsible for that experience... So, if it's, you know, they can do all – cotton candy houses – or whatever they wanted to do... Your characters at that point will have to stay on those servers. You couldn't bring them back into a game like this where you could go in that world, grab all ammo, come back into a regular game and grief all day.

Design Director, Chris Meyer clarified that "We obviously love the mod community and love supporting them, but allowing the mod community to come in and mod this game… The possibility of breaking the experience... it's something we couldn't risk." It's great to see that mods and private servers will be added after a lot of thought and testing.

Cross-play may be coming to Fallout 76 down the line if it's not too complicated. Production Director Chris Meyer said during the same interview, "this is not something we can do the last final weeks, so, this might be something that we look at in the future. It's not just flicking a switch — there's a lot of work." Now that Sony has changed its stance by allowing Fortnite cross-play, it may become a reality in other games.

Since Microsoft has a marketing agreement with Bethesda, Xbox One players can access the B.E.T.A on October 23, 2018. The B.E.T.A. begins for PC and PlayStation 4 players a week later on October 30. In order to play the game early, you'll have to preorder Fallout 76 and then redeem a code that comes with your purchase on the game's website. There doesn't appear to be any other way at the moment.

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