Not only does Fallout 76 debut an ambitious fresh multiplayer twist on the role-playing franchise, but it's got an unexplored location too. Delivering the series's first take on the U.S. state of West Virginia, players will be treated to an all-new map to uncover, spanning its world-famous landmarks and hidden secrets. We've broken everything we know about Fallout 76's map, regions, and confirmed locations, ahead of its slated release this fall.

Fallout 76: Everything We Know

How big is the Fallout 76 map?

Fallout 76 takes place in post-war West Virginia, with players assuming the roles of "Vault 76" members. Vault 76 is located to the western side of the state and was designed to open in 2102, 25 years after the "Great War" began, and 200 years prior to the events of Fallout 4. The earliest existing Fallout game was set in 2161, so we'll get a look over half a century prior to previous installments. The consequences of recent nuclear fallout will be more prominent, making for vastly different geometry and world contents.

Bethesda claims Fallout 76's world is "four times" the size of Fallout 4, making for what looks to be the biggest map in series history. This world packs six regions with distinct biomes, providing a unique feel, gameplay prospects, and connected backstories between them. The world is also littered with points of interest, which Bethesda hopes will further create the feeling of uncovering long-lost remnants of society.

Fallout 76 six regions detailed

Referencing Fallout 76's nukes trailer, we already know every region name and its boundaries within the state. Cross-referenced against information from the Power Armor Edition collectible map and the "Making of Fallout 76" documentary, we're able to get an idea of the region contents.

"The Forest" is the initial starting area of Fallout 76 and where Vault 76 is located. A majority of prerelease game footage takes place in this biome packed with trees, vibrant vegetation, and vast hills. Without heavy radiation damage, we can expect this area to feature low-level enemies and fewer mutations. Settlements appear to include the capital of Charleston, Morgantown, Summersville, Point Pleasant and White Sulphur Springs.

As the starting location in Fallout 76, The Forest highlights how beautiful West Virginia can be.

Following an accident at chemical-filled factories, the "Ash Heap" is home to a hollowed mountain stripped down by mining companies. Coal mines, bucket-wheel excavators, and first responders occupy this scarred slice of earth. The cities of Lewisburg, Beckley, Welch, and Bramwell are confirmed in this region, as well as Vault 63. As Vault 76 is one of the first to open, it's unclear how this vault will feature.

Sharply splitting West Virginia in two, the "Savage Divide" is a barren desert wasteland with varying altitude. The mountains in this region bisect the map vertically, creating a challenge for vault dwellers venturing between east and west.

Watch out, the Cranberry Bog could be home to flesh-eating, mutated plants.

The "Cranberry Bog," known as the Cranberry Glades in real-world West Virginia, is a collection of five bogs found in the south-east of the state. The dark bogs contrast with vibrant burgundy flora, with hints of mutated carnivorous plants that may be hostile to players.

As its name indicates, "The Mire" is a region of swampland up the eastern side of West Virginia packed with hidden secrets. Adaptations of Watoga and Harpers Ferry are confirmed in this region.

Details on Fallout 76's northern "Toxic Valley" are scarce, with no substantial footage of this area so far. Expect heavy radiation, mutated creatures, high-stakes missions, with a need for strong Power Armor. This is also the expected crash site of the downed space station.

All Fallout 76 confirmed locations so far

The Forest

  • Charleston (City)
  • Point Pleasant (City)
  • Morgantown (City)
  • Summersville (City)
  • White Sulphur Springs (City)
  • Flatwoods (Town)
  • Vault 76
  • Vault-Tec University (Morgantown)
  • Morgantown Trainyard
  • Morgantown Municipal Airport
  • Mama Dolce's Food Processing (Morgantown)
  • Charleston Capitol Building
  • Camden Park
  • AVR Medical Center (Charleston)
  • The Greenbrier Hotel (White Sulphur Springs)
  • Summersville Lake
  • Summersville Dam
  • Summersville Mansion
  • Charleston Trainyard
  • Nuka Cola Quantum Plant
  • AVR Medical Center (Charleston)
  • Mothman Museum (Point Pleasant)
  • Uncanny Caverns
  • New River Gorge Bridge
  • Alpine River Cabins
  • Green Country Lodge
  • Gorge Junkyard
  • Lumber Mill
  • Isolated Cabin

Ash Heap

  • Beckley (City)
  • Welch (City)
  • Lewisburg (City)
  • Bramwell (City)
  • Vault 63
  • Mount Blair
  • Lake Reynolds
  • Charleston Landfill
  • Charleston Fire Dept
  • Mount Blair Trainyard
  • Burning Mine
  • Big Bend
  • The Rusty Pick
  • Joe's Spuckies (Beckley)
  • Relay Tower 3
  • Relay Tower 5

Savage Divide

  • Top of the World Ski Resort
  • Greenbank
  • Nuclear missile silo (name unknown)
  • Nuclear missile silo (name unknown)

The Mire

  • Watoga (City)
  • Harpers Ferry (Town)
  • Valley Galleria
  • Nuclear missile silo (name unknown)

Cranberry Bog

  • Nuclear missile silo (name unknown)

Toxic Valley

  • Crashed space station (name unknown)

Let us know if you spotted any West Virginian locations we may have missed in the comments. In the meantime, Fallout 76 is now available for preorder starting at $59.99, ahead of its expected November 14 release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs.

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