Fallout 76 complete weapons list

Fallout 76 is set to pack a huge arsenal of weapons to discover – helping you survive the perils of the wasteland. While Bethesda is leaving a sizeable portion of the world for players to discover, we're already digging up some serious firepower. Below we've wrapped up every weapon found so far. Going forward, we'll update this list with future weapon appearances.

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Fallout 76 pistols

Trusty pistols are always just a holster away – despite their small form factor, they'll still guarantee a clean kill. With a variety of different pistol types, you'll be sure to find a sidekick that fits your playstyle.

  • 10mm Pistol
  • .44 Pistol
  • Alien Blaster
  • Black Powder Pistol
  • Flare Gun
  • Laser Pistol
  • Pipe Bolt-action Pistol
  • Pipe Pistol
  • Pipe Revolver
  • Single Action Revolver

Fallout 76 rifles

Proving capable in both close-quarters and long-range encounters, rifles bring versatility unrivaled by other weapon types. Some iconic favorites of the franchise return in Fallout 76, alongside some promising newcomers.

  • 10mm SMG
  • Assault Rifle
  • Black Powder Rifle
  • Combat Rifle
  • Gauss Rifle
  • Gamma Gun
  • Handmade Rifle
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Laser Rifle
  • Laser Sniper Rifle
  • Lever-action Rifle
  • Perfect Storm (SMG)
  • Pipe Rifle
  • Pipe Bolt-action Rifle
  • Pipe Revolver Rifle
  • Railway Rifle
  • Submachine Gun
  • Syringer

Fallout 76 shotguns

When things get up close and dirty, a shotgun will finish the job.

  • Black Powder Blunderbuss
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Double-barrel Shotgun
  • Pump Action Shotgun

Fallout 76 machine guns

Machine guns deliver a barrage of bullets, sure to bring down even the toughest of foes. Just spray your magazine and watch the carnage unfold.

  • 50 Cal Machine Gun
  • MG42

Fallout 76 heavy weapons

These beastly tools of destruction may be reserved for high-level players but will protect you from the wasteland's deadliest threats. Icons like the Fat Man return, with more coveted weapons likely on the way.

  • Crossbow
  • Cryolator
  • Fat Man
  • Flamer
  • Gamma Gun
  • Gatling Laser
  • Gatling Plasma
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Minigun
  • Missle Launcher

Fallout 76 melee weapons

When ammunition is low, these melee weapons will be there to fall back on. The game's new "Scorched" ghoul faction is frequently seen wielding this weaponry.

  • Assaultron Blade
  • Baseball Bat
  • Black Diamond
  • Blade of Bastet
  • Board
  • Bone Club
  • Bone Hammer
  • Bowie Knife
  • Boxing Glove
  • Combat Knife
  • Commie Whacker
  • Chinese Officer's Sword
  • Cultist Blade
  • Cultist Dagger
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet
  • Death Tambo
  • Drill
  • Fire Axe
  • Grant's Saber
  • Golf Club
  • Guitar Sword
  • Hatchet
  • Lead Pipe
  • Machete
  • Meteorite Sword
  • Mole Miner Gauntlet
  • Multi-Purpose Axe
  • Pitchfork
  • Pickaxe
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Pool Cue
  • Power Fist
  • Protest Sign
  • Revolutionary Sword
  • Ripper
  • Rolling Pin
  • Security Baton
  • Shishkebab
  • Sickle
  • Ski Sword
  • Sledgehammer
  • Spear
  • Super Sledge
  • Switchblade
  • Walking Cane
  • War Drum
  • Wrench

Fallout 76 explosives and throwables

When enemies are near, these gadgets are sure to leave a mark.

  • Baseball Grenade
  • Fragmentation Grenade
  • Fragmentation Mine
  • HallcuiGen Gas Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Pulse Mine
  • Throwing Knives
  • Tomahawk

Let us know if you've spotted any of your favorite Fallout weapons in-game so far. In the meantime, Fallout 76 is now available starting at $59.99, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs.

Updated November 19, 2018: Refreshed this list with the latest Fallout 76 discoveries.

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