Xbox Live - Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

When the first Final Fantasy arrived on Windows Phone, all of its Achievements were secret and thus couldn’t be viewed by players. We quickly posted a Mini-Achievement Guide to help get players on-track.

Now Final Fantasy III has appeared on Windows Phone, once again with Xbox Achievements. This time, the Achievements aren’t secret. But they do require plenty of time and effort to unlock. You just might need a guide! And wouldn’t you know it? Windows Phone Central is proud to present our latest Achievement Guide, filled with tips and resources for dedicated RPG players and Achievement hunters.


Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Cloud of Darkness

  • Gone adventuring with the Wind: Defeat Djinn and obtain the Wind Crystal.
  • Some Like It Hot: Defeat Salamander and obtain the Fire Crystal.
  • Release the Kraken: Defeat Kraken and obtain the Water Crystal.
  • Quieting the Tremors: Defeat the Titan and obtain the Earth Crystal.
  • Warriors of Light: Defeat the Cloud of Darkness.

You’ll fight the Cloud of Darkness immediately after defeating Xande in the Crystal Tower. But you can’t beat it that first time. Just lost right away, triggering a cut scene. You’ll then proceed to the final area, the World of Darkness. The Cloud is the final boss there.

Eureka dungeon

Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Eureka entrance

  • Glutton for Arms: Obtain every weapon in Eureka, the Forbidden Land.

The entrance to this optional dungeon can be found at the bottom floor of the Crystal Tower, near the end of the game. You’ll see the door immediately after entering the Tower, straight ahead from the Tower’s entrance.

To open the door and enter the Forbidden Land, you’ll need the Eureka Key. It can be obtained during normal progression after defeating a powerful pair of NPCs (Doga and Unei) within Doga’s Grotto. The elderly pair also provides the Syrcus Key, which you need to enter the Crystal Tower. See this article for more information about Eureka.


  • For a Rainy Day: Save up 50,000 gil.
  • Who wants to be a Gillionaire?: Save up 500,000 gil.

Earning gil won’t be a problem if you seek out the hidden dungeons and raise your characters’ job classes to 99. You can also farm gil by encountering an enemy like the Greater Demon who summons other monsters. Don’t kill the summoner, just the summoned monsters. You’ll rack up lots of gil by the time you decide to finish off the summoner.

What do you do with all that gil? Why, it can be spent on Shurikens – the Ninja class’s most powerful throwable item. One of the Shops in Eureka sells Shurikens for 65,500 gil apiece.


Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide


  • My Little Esper: Obtain a summonable creature.
  • No Such Thing as Too Many: Obtain all the summonable creatures.

The Evoker, Summoner, and Sage classes can summon creatures called espers during battle. The actual spell cast varies by character class. New espers can be bought or found by defeating certain bosses. There are eight espers to find:

Treasure chests

Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

  • Nose for Treasure: Open 50% of all treasure chests.
  • I, My, Me, Mine: Open every treasure chest.

Finding all of the treasure chests could be one of the hardest Achievements in the game. You’ll have to visit every location, including optional dungeons like Eureka and ???.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss any chests is by using a walkthrough that points them out. GameFAQs also has maps of the various dungeons that should be helpful.


  • Collecting is Half the Battle: Complete 50% of the Bestiary.
  • Filling Up the Grotesquerie: Complete the entire Bestiary.

There are 226 monsters in the game (including bosses). You’ll have to visit every single dungeon, including Eureka and the ??? Dungeon in order to find them all.

Luckily you can check your progress by viewing the in-game Bestiary. You can view it by talking to the bestiary Moogles in the town of Gysahl or on the Invincible airship. Check this page for a complete Bestiary list and links to monster locations.

Legendary Smith and ??? Dungeon

Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

  • One Sword to Slay Them All: Obtain the Ultima Weapon from the Legendary Smith.
  • Steely Resolve: Defeat Iron Giant.

During normal progression, players will first meet the Legendary Smith during a quest to restore Princess Sara’s pendant. Upon bringing Orichalcum to the Smith, your final reward for this quest chain will be the Ultima Weapon.

Afterward, the Legendary Smith randomly appears in 10 specific places. Talk to her when one of your characters has reached a job level of 99 and she will provide that class’s unique Job Master item.

Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a boss enemy who only appears in the optional ??? Dungeon. You’ll need to have received all four letters from the Four Old Men and Prince Alus in order to unlock the dungeon.

Getting those letters in the mobile version involves a complicated series of steps that differs from the DS game:

  • One character must reach level 99 and receive a Job Master Item from the Legendary Smith
  • Defeat all bosses in Eureka
  • Open approximately 80% of the treasure chests in the game
  • Complete all optional dungeons and obtain every summonable boss monster

After completing those requirements and receiving the necessary letters through Mognet, hop into the Nautilus airship. Look for a shadow in the water halfway between the Floating Continent and the Dalg continent to the east.

Defeating the Iron Giant is no easy task. You’ll want to have everyone leveled up into the nineties before attempting it. Put all four characters in the back row and equip them with two shields instead of weapons. Then attack with magic spells until he cries “Superman” and plummets back to the Earth. Something like that!


Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be…: Attain level 99 with any job.
  • Jack of All Trades: Attain level 99 with all jobs.

Characters start out as Freelancers. After obtaining the Wind Crystal, six more classes unlock. The fire, Water, and Earth Crystals also unlock new jobs. There are 22 normal jobs and one hidden job: Onion Knight. The Onion Knight gets the highest stats in the game, but only at job level 92 and above.

To unlock the Onion Knight, you’ll need to complete 25% of the Bestiary. The NPC Topapa will then send a letter informing you that three children have been kidnapped. Rescue them in the Altar Cave (the first area of the game) and you’ll gain access to the hidden job.

Job level is separate from a character’s overall level. Attacking, defending, and performing other actions during battle earns an invisible stat called Job Points. When a character accumulates 100 Job Points, he or she will gain one level in that job.

With most jobs, the number of Job Points earned from battle decreases by 10-60 percent after reaching level 14 in that job. The exceptions are Freelancer and Scholar, which gain JP at the same rate all the way up to level 99 (thank goodness).

Players can switch a character’s job at any time. However, the character will enter the Job Adjustment Phase after making the switch. His or her stats will be reduced by about 12.5 percent during this time, which lasts from 2-10 battles. After the phase ends, the character will switch to the new job. Read this guide for more job info.

More Resources

I’ve linked to several helpful pages within the guide. Here are a few more websites with useful Final Fantasy III information:

We hope this guide has helped! Stay tuned, and we’ll either update with a treasure chest guide or create our own.

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