Final Fantasy VII launches on Xbox

Final Fantasy VII is regarded as one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made, if not the best. While there's a Final Fantasy VII Remake in the works, the original is now available on Xbox One. Square Enix said, "Relive the unforgettable moments from the ground-breaking role-playing games that revolutionized gaming."

Final Fantasy VII first released in 1997 and was instantly heralded as a cult classic. The title tells a personal story which is filled with a lot of plot twists. The gameplay was quite revolutionary for its time too. Hopefully it'll still hold up after all these years.

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Final Fantasy VII is the seventh main installment in the Final Fantasy series, and was developed and published by Squaresoft. The game follows the story of mercenary Cloud Strife, who is hired by the terrorist group AVALANCHE to help fight the Shinra Electric Power Company. At first, Cloud fights for personal gain. However, he eventually joins forces with others to save the planet due to this beliefs.

A lot more Final Fantasy games are coming to Xbox One in the coming months, and we'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. Final Fantasy VII will only cost $16 on Xbox One.

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  • I never had the massive love for FFVII that others did, the storyline was basically a copy of elements of FFVI only with less interesting characters (in my opinion) and it was a fairly linear affair for the most part. It's doubtful that I will buy this one. But good for those who are interested.
  • So I'm in the smaller group that liked IV best, but VI is my second fav and I would go V and then VII after that. I really didn't enjoy any FF after VII however and gave up on the series by IX. That said, as good as VII was, those graphics do not hold up at all. It's painful to play that game, while the older sprite based ones still have a certain charm by comparison. Not sure giant blocky characters and stretched backgrounds are going to look so good on a 4k tv...
  • Same here. Story wise, I like FF IV better. Although for character variations, FF VI might be better IMO. But alas, FF VII indeed set the stepping stone for those who originally don't know FF (up to VI). I find myself hard to convince my friend to play FF IV or VI. The reason, most of them dislike the old fashioned graphic of 16 bit SNES. They started to have interest on FF after FF VII released. Then playing FF Tactic, and so on. So, yeah... Al though FF VII might not the best for me, it is indeed the pivotal point of SquareEnix (Squaresoft back then) to acquire more audience for FF. So I'm not surprised at the hype of FF VII remake. But for playing the old version in current screen, I think I'll pass. I'd rather play it on mobile.
  • Credit to both of you, IV was a pretty amazing game. Although I don't remember as much about it as I do VI. Although now I really want to play through both of them again.
  • The thing about IV was it had a really coherent story, and introduced a ton of new concepts to the series (active time battles! summoners!) that were revolutionary in their time. Yes VI was all that plus a lot of additional customization beyond (custom classes!) but even most of that was introduced in V which skipped the US market unfortunately. Personally I enjoyed having characters with a fixed skill line, what I would have taken from VI would have been the ability to choose my party rather than have it set for me. All were fantastic games, especially in their era. I don't think the later ones are bad or anything, but they just weren't as unique an experience anymore and had too much focus on CGI for me. The closest I've come to SNES era FF since that time was Grandia II (great story and fantastic battle system) and Skies of Arcadia, both of which I played on Dreamcast. Since then I haven't really got the same 'fix' from any RPG unfortunately.
  • Oh my God. Grandia 2 battle system is literally one of the greatest ever created.
  • Grandia 2 battle system is my all time fav, and that game had a tremendously great musical score as well, ranking right up there with the best FF games. The game is linear and the overworld may as well not exist due to the lack of options, but every other aspect of that game is utterly fantastic.
  • 100% agree. I had that on dreamcast.
  • I've just finished a playthrough on PC via Steam, so will give this one a miss I think, especially as it's not ONE X Enhanced. It's a shame, I'd have liked to have played through on TV with controller, but will likely give this one a miss. That said, could be good to zone out with and achievement hunt. Hopefully the remake will be available one day.
  • Yay. Back when Final fantasy was a JRPG. Not some mess of a world that loses its Japanese charm with real time combat. If I wanted that I'd play a WRPG. Bring back turn based combat Square and your sales will return to 10 million plus. Literally all my old FF fans refuse to buy anything after FF12.
  • Precisely. And if FF7 Remake has "live" combat, it will be the ultimately slap in the face to the fans.
  • waiting for The Zodiac Age, the true gold standard
  • No Play Anywhere support? Hope they will add it later on...
  • Please add the PC version :)
  • This was my first FF back in the day and I beat it twice. Great experience then, but nowadays I don't have 100 hours to spend on this and the graphics are horrible.