Final Fantasy XV: Where to find and how to use Regalia upgrades

Not only is it a sweet ride, but it also doubles as a shop to offload your well-earned treasures, and did we mention it flies?

To begin with, the Regalia is almost painfully slow. If you're trying to mop up quests before you're taken on to another area that you won't be able to return from for a while, trundling from A to B can become seriously time-consuming. You almost want Imperial soldiers to drop from the sky, just to break up the seven-minute long journey.

But there are ways to improve the Regalia's performance, and here's how.

Talk to Cindy

Early game you'll still be running errands around the starting areas of Hammerhead. The mechanic at the garage there, Cindy, absolutely adores the Regalia and wants to aid you in souping her up a bit.

During Chapter Two after you have completed The Power Of Kings, you'll be able to access Cindy's services as a mechanic.

The Ever Regal Regalia

Upgrade: Aero Wax

Cindy has heard of some rare wax that when used on cars makes them more fuel efficient. She sends Noctis and co. to the tunnel found to the south of the Prairie Outpost. The recommended level for this area is around 7 and you'll likely confront some Goblins on the way. Once you have found the Aero Wax, take it back to Cindy and the mission completes with an extra 150 EXP.

The Ever Elegant Regalia

Upgrade: Regalia decals and color options

Cindy explains that some rare stones make awesome paint jobs for cars, and she wants you to pick up a Redstone Shard from near the entrance to the Balouve Mines. Drive to the area, and pick up the item from within the highlighted space. The Redstone Shard has a red glow, marking it as a quest item rather than a normal blue item. Pick it up and return it to Cindy for a return of some decals for the Regalia and 500 EXP.

The Ever Gleaming Regalia

Upgrade: Fiberglass Coating

If you're tired of seeing Cindy bending over the car in her shorts while she buffs up the Regalia to a sparkly shine every time you fill up in Hammerhead, you could go and undertake this quest for Fiberglass Coating. It will keep the Regalia clean, saving Cindy the back-ache of cleaning it as often. I know, that car can get very dirty... Head to Astor Slough, and the item will be in an old car near the house by the lake. Get in some fishing while you're there, and then head back to Cindy for your reward and 600 EXP.

Note: Later when you reach Altissia, you'll be able to buy a further car upgrade component, the Superhydrophobic Coating. This can be bought from the stall by The Leville for 20,000 gil.

The Ever Valorous Regalia

Upgrade: Supercharger

This time you're looking for a supercharger, which was found but left by another hunter. The problem with this quest is that when you get it, it's a couple of levels higher than you are to undertake, and the roads to get there are blocked by Imperial blockade. Instead, you must wait until Chapter 7.

This isn't your only opportunity to get the part, but if you want to add a little bit of life to the old girl sooner rather than later, pick it up during this Chapter by deviating off from the Main Quest happening at the Vesperpool at the time. Cockatrices, Basilisk and other fowl-type enemies are waiting for you, and they're around level 26, so it's best your team are too. Be prepared for these as they roost and spawn right by the car.

The Supercharger is on the front of the car, and once you have it, you'll have to complete the rest of the Main Quest in this area before you can return it to Cindy to install. You'll get a faster Regalia and 1,000 EXP when you do.

Note: When you reach Altissia, you can take part in the game Totomostro at the monster coliseum. If you reach 15,000 tokens, you'll be able to trade them in for a Turbocharger, further increasing the Regalia's top speed to 70MPH. You can also win special decals for the Regalia, which are much higher in value.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia

Upgrade: Enhanced Headlights

Daemons don't like light. This is why the worst come out at night, and are particularly dangerous. These headlights repel Daemons when you drive at night. Head to the bottom of Crestholm Channels. It's recommended your team be well into the 40 level mark, as the enemies around here are tough. From the second control panel in the area, go north and you'll find a room containing the Enhanced Headlights. Return to Cindy for 3,000 EXP and the knowledge you'll never have to fight a night battle while driving at night again.

How to install upgrades

Now you've got the pieces, Cindy has thanked you and given you the next quest. The upgrades aren't automatically installed, you'll speak to her again to access her mechanic menu.

Here you can do two things: maintain the Regalia or customize it.

Maintaining the Regalia for 500Gil will tune it up so it is running smoothly and gets cleaned. If you don't maintain the car, you're more likely to break down. It's helpful to have a Repair Kit in your inventory which you can buy from the Regalia's shop while it is functional. If you break down without any, you're stuck pushing the car to an appropriate area until Cindy can come and rescue you... for a fee.

To install your Regalia upgrades:

  1. Talk to Cindy.
  2. Select the bottom option Customization.
  3. Go to Installs and press A.
  4. Select each upgrade you want to install. Selected upgrades will have a tick mark next to them.
  5. Press B to return to the Main Customization screen.
  6. Select Order Customization at the bottom of the list. It will be free to install these upgrades.

F-Type Regalia

What would Final Fantasy be without travel by airship? You'll have noticed by now, the Regalia feels as much a part of the team as the human characters do, so to tuck it away into the belly of an airship after we've spent so long painstakingly customizing it would be a real shame.

You know that part of the game where you had to blow up the huge Imperial base in order to get the Regalia back? If you destroy three Empire of Nifelheim bases, you'll be rewarded with an item each time. If you take these items to Cindy, she will reward you with the F-Type Regalia, the driving, flying, curative supplying car! It would be worth waiting until the end of the game, since you'll have easier access to the bases once the story is clear, and they're so obvious on the map, they'd be hard to miss.

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