Game Troopers release a teaser trailer for Abyss, a shadowy adventure game on Xbox for Windows Phone

Game Troopers just announced that they are bringing yet another Xbox Live enabled game to the Windows Phone store "as soon as next week".

Abyss is an explorative adventure game that tasks players to control the bio-engineered Nep2no through the shadowy depths of our oceans.

In Game Troopers' own words:

  • In Abyss, you will control Nep2no, a biomechanical robot created by humans to explore the depths of the ocean in seek of a new source of energy called "Gaia".
  • Abyss is dark exploration through submarine caves and dangerous ocean trenches. Guide the brave Nep2no in his mission through mysterious grottos, discover forbidden depths, unfold secret passages, and gather all the Gaia to save humanity.
  • A fantastic rework of the console classic, only for Windows.
  • Abyss features 20 challenging levels, and players will be able to collect Achievements and compete against friends on Leaderboards.
  • Abyss will be launched at a $2,99 price tag with cross-buy purchasing between Windows Phone and the Windows 8.1 store.
  • Abyss will support 512MB RAM mobile devices.

Abyss appears to match the silhouetted-stylings of games like Limbo and Badland, set in dark underwater landscapes. Some of the scenes in the trailer offer a glimpse at dangerous obstacles and lost underwater civilisations, enveloped in darkness. Nep2no rocks a bio-luminescent lure that lights up the immediate vicinity as you guide him through 20 levels of submerged mystery. There's no word yet on Cthulhu's involvement.

Abyss will launch for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone some time next week, bringing with it all that Xbox Gamerscore goodness. Stay tuned to Windows Central for the specific launch date.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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