Could 3 months of FREE PC Game Pass and GeForce Now with ANY RTX 40-Series graphics card purchase convince you to pick up NVIDIA's latest GPU?

NVIDIA deal on PC Game Pass
(Image credit: NVIDIA)

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA offers a 3-month subscription to PC Game Pass and GeForce NOW with any RTX 40-Series desktop graphics card until January 8, 2024.
  • The deal is aimed at custom desktop builders via a qualifying 40-Series GPU purchase, excluding laptops and pre-built desktops.
  • PC Game Pass offers downloadable titles highlighting GPU power, while GeForce Now uses cloud streaming from remote servers.

NVIDIA is greasing the wheels of temptation to make its latest RTX 40-Series graphics cards more appealing by offering a (limited) deal for a purchase of any GPU in the range. Sadly, it doesn't include gaming laptops with one of the qualifying cards or pre-built gaming desktops either. Still, custom desktop builders might be interested in the $60 value of freebies available until January 8, 2024.

It's a two-part package of downloadable games with a 3-month PC Game Pass subscription and cloud-streaming via access to a GeForce NOW Priority membership for the same period. Purchases made through approved third-party retailers (listed by NVIDIA) of a GeForce RTX 4060, 4060 Ti, 4070, 4070 Ti, 4080, or 4090 will unlock one code per person.

Minecraft isn't my first thought when it comes to RTX enhancements, but it works. (Image credit: NVIDIA)

Hundreds of RTX-enabled games to play

It's no secret that graphics cards are some of the most expensive components you could ever put inside a custom-built gaming desktop PC, and NVIDIA's latest RTX 40-Series is hardly an exception. Our Zotac GeForce RTX 4090 AMP Extreme AIRO review praised the top-end GPU for delivering over 100 FPS at 4K but was offset by a hilarious $1,699 MSRP. Thankfully, the fantastic enhancements enabled by DLSS 3.5 upscaling mean even the entry-level RTX 4060 stands a chance.

There's a display of pride from NVIDIA by listing PC Game Pass before GeForce NOW, promoting the power of its RTX 40-Series graphics cards by encouraging downloadable games to run natively. Still, even if you pick up a cheaper card in the range, you can enjoy maximum visual fidelity by playing the latest games at 'Ultra' graphics settings via cloud streaming since NVIDIA upgraded its GeForce Now to RTX 4080 GPUs with SuperPOD servers earlier this year.

Check out our list of games on PC Game Pass to see if anything tickles your fancy before buying a brand-new graphics card. It's one of the best ways to play, and I've had access via Game Pass Ultimate for longer than I can remember.

It might seem like a distant spot over the horizon, but the January 8 cutoff in 2024 for this deal will be here sooner than you think. Head to the NVIDIA offer page to check for your nearest retailers.

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