Anime fans should not miss out on this limited-edition Gundam-themed Razer products

Razer x Gundam Collab
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What you need to know

  • Razer, the technology company famous for producing high-quality gaming hardware, clothing, and furniture, has unveiled they are producing limited-edition products themed after the Gundam franchise.
  • The products in question are a Gundam-themed Razer Iskur X gaming chair and various t-shirts, hoodies, and jumpers.
  • Gundam is a famous anime franchise that's been around since the 1970s and usually centers around various countries, nations, and factions waging war using giant combat mechas.

Razer, the world-famous tech company known for developing gaming hardware and peripherals, has recently made an intriguing announcement on Twitter/X that fans of the Gundam franchise should take notice of. They will be hosting the Razer | Mobile Suit Gundam Collection, a collection of Limited Edition Razer Iskur X gaming chairs, T-shirts, Jumpers, and Hoodies with visual designs inspired by the iconic anime mecha series.

For the uninitiated, Gundam is a long-running anime franchise famous for creating the 'Real Robot' genre, a sub-genre of mecha anime that focuses on telling realistic, morally gray stories where giant robots are presented as tools of warfare.

The Gundam franchise has created dozens of anime series over the decades, but the one these Razer products are inspired by is Mobile Suit Gundam, the 1979 TV show that started it all. This show centered around a conflict between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon faction as they waged a bloody war for control of the Earth.

Don't sleep on these Gundam-inspired Razer products as they won't be in stock for long

We reviewed the Razur Iskur X gaming chair many moons ago and we still consider it one of the best gaming chairs you can get your hands on. It has excellent lumbar support to maintain your posture while gaming or working for several hours, it has ergonomic-friendly memory foam neck pillows and armrests, and it is made of tough yet comfortable synthetic leather.

In addition, the Razer | Mobile Suit Gundam Collection will be sporting distinct designs featuring two of the most recognizable mechas from the show - the titular RX-78-2 Gundam (piloted by the show's protagonist, Amuro Ray) and the intimidating Zaku II (piloted by one of the show's antagonists, Char Aznable). 

So, If you happen to be a Gundam fan looking for a high-quality gaming chair and clothing that shows your love for the franchise while playing the best Xbox games and best PC games based on Gundam, then the Razer | Mobile Suit Gundam Collection is for you.

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