Don’t fall for bad Xbox Series X|S deals this Prime Day — go refurbished instead

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
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With Prime Day back and in full swing, Microsoft’s latest Xbox gaming consoles are among the hottest devices on sale. While Amazon is the home of Prime Day, other retailers also have limited-time deals, with heavy price cuts on tech and video games. We hoped to see some deals on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S too, but in reality, they’re just plain bad.

It's little surprise — demand for new Xbox consoles remains high, with supply shortages still impacting availability in 2022. Xbox Series X consoles are still hard to find in some regions, and while it’s easier to get an Xbox Series S, they’re still far from receiving significant reductions. We even saw Xbox Series S consoles increase in price just before Prime Day, reversing a price cut earlier in July.

We’ve been rounding up the best Prime Day deals for Xbox Series X and Series S, and besides one sold-out offer, it’s a dry year. But there are still ways to save on a new Xbox right now, with refurbished consoles generally the best way to go.

Xbox Series S Refurbished | $265 at Amazon

Xbox Series S Refurbished | $265 at Amazon

Opting for a refurbished Xbox Series S saves over 10% on Microsoft's brand new devices, besting current deals live through Prime Day. You're saving around $35 on the RRP, bundling a console and controller, with a 90-day warranty on all contents from Amazon.

Xbox Series X Refurbished | $470 at Microsoft

Xbox Series X Refurbished | $470 at Microsoft

With high demand for Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s own Certified Refurbished program is one of the best ways to save. These Xbox Series X consoles are generally a worthy investment, especially this early into the console lifecycle, with a 12-month warranty, also extendable up to three years. The best part is you’re saving around 6-7% on the usual going rate.

Xbox Series S deals start at $265 in the U.S. via Amazon’s “Renewed” program, translating to a $35 saving on the usual going rate. Microsoft also stocks Xbox Series X consoles for $470, offering a discount shy of 10% on brand-new devices. Microsoft has also slashed its optional “Microsoft Complete” three-year extended warranty by 20% for further savings and added peace of mind.

Those in the UK can score similar prices, with Xbox Series X down to £384 via the Microsoft Store, offering a £36 extra saving. Amazon UK also has a Prime Day discount on refurbished Xbox Series S consoles, further reducing those consoles to just £210 on Amazon UK this week.

Refurbished Xbox consoles: Are they worth it?

Refurbished Xbox Series X consoles from the Microsoft Store fall under the firm’s “Certified Refurbished” program, promising a "rigorous certification process” from the Xbox owner. The company performs extensive checks and repairs on all devices, with a standard one-year warranty on any refurbished Xbox console. There’s also an extended Microsoft Complete warranty for three years of coverage available for $39/£39 right now. Purchases made via Amazon UK fall under the same “Certified Refurbished” checks performed by Microsoft.

Consoles purchased via Amazon US fall under “Amazon Renewed,” a similar refurbishment program, where items are “professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned.” Items via the Amazon program come with a standard 90-day warranty.

It’s also worth considering that refurbished Xbox Series X and Series S consoles aren’t going to be that old — we’ve seen many users receive like-new devices, given their relatively recent launches. Every console out there is less than 18 months old, making it easier to recommend a refurb versus later in the console lifecycle. They're a great way to save, if you're shopping on a budget this Prime Day.

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