Enshrouded interactive map: Every location, chest, Ancient Spire, and more

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Enshrouded may have only just launched in Early Access this January, but the size of its map is already an impressive 24 square kilometers. That's just as big as Cyberpunk 2077's, and nearly as large as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's, too — and while tools like the Ghost Glider (or any Glider) help make exploring the vast realm of Embervale easier, it can still be difficult to find everything that this world has to offer.

Indeed, many of the best Enshrouded weapons, armors, and items are tucked away in hidden or hard-to-reach locations, as are collectibles like lore pages and special dungeons that reward treasure to those fortunate enough to find and brave them successfully. Tracking all of these down is worth the time and effort, and in big open world games like these, doing so yourself is a huge part of what makes exploration so satisfying. With that said, there are some useful online resources you can use if you're strapped for time or would prefer to get your hands on a specific item as soon as possible.

The best of these is this excellent Enshrouded interactive map from the folks over at Map Genie. With this, you can quickly look over a full, complete map of Embervale and learn precisely where anything and everything in the game is.

Enshrouded: Interactive map of Embervale

You can easily find whatever you're looking for in Enshrouded with this interactive map. (Image credit: Map Genie)

Map Genie's Enshrouded interactive map is the only mostly complete one I've found since the game's release, and features a clean, readable interface that's easy to use. You can scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in or out and click and drag the map to move your view, and by toggling the categories on the side of the page, you'll display icons that show exactly where every location, quest, loot chest, and lore collectible is. This includes important structures like Ancient Spires, Ancient Obelisks, Flame Shrines/Sanctums, and Elixir Wells, as well as smaller points of interest like abandoned camps and the places where you'll find some unique gear.

There's also a search bar you can use to narrow things down, should you wish to do so. For example, there are 15 different "Survivor Camps" located throughout the map, but if you specifically want to find ones that have supplies the Hunter can use, just type in "Hunter Camp" and you'll be shown the icons for Abandoned Hunter Camps.

The map isn't perfect, of course — Enshrouded just came out, after all, and its community is still hard at work documenting the exact locations of specific objectives, dungeons, pieces of equipment, and resource types. But the vast majority of what's in the game is on it, and it's the best interactive map you'll find right now by far.

If you're just starting out, I encourage you to give finding things on your own a shot, as the joy of discovery is a major part of what makes Enshrouded fun. If you don't care about that or don't have much time to play, though, exploring aids like this awesome interactive map will be massively helpful to you.

Enshrouded is available now on PC through Steam Early Access for $30. It's rapidly become one of the best PC games to play right now, especially if you're a fan of fantasy worlds, survival gameplay, and action RPG combat.

Enshrouded (Early Access) — $29.99 at Steam (PC)

Enshrouded (Early Access) — $29.99 at Steam (PC)

This dark fantasy ARPG from Keen Games creatively blends Soulslike combat with open world exploration and survival game mechanics, and has quickly become one of 2024's most popular new games.

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