Fallout 4 current-generation update brings some unintended consequences for Fallout: London mod

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What you need to know

  • Fallout: London is an extensive mod for Fallout 4 that has been in development since 2019 by Team FOLON. 
  • Taking place in the U.K, this mod is set between the events of Fallout and Fallout 2, and its main map is roughly the size of Fallout 4's Commonwealth. 
  • The release date of Fallout: London is being pushed back due to the upcoming launch of Fallout 4's current-generation update. 
  • This delay is to ensure compatibility with the latest official version of Fallout 4.

There's a bit of unfortunate news for anyone looking forward to one of the biggest mods yet for Fallout 4. 

Team FOLON, the developers of the upcoming Fallout: London mod, shared on Saturday that the launch of the mod is being pushed back indefinitely. The decision to delay the mod's release from its intended April 23, 2024 launch date is due to the arrival of the Fallout 4 current-generation update from Bethesda Game Studios, which is coming just two days later on April 25, 2024. 

Because this update for Fallout 4 is bringing a number of bug fixes and improvements, it's possible that it could change how certain things work, rendering some mods more unstable or keeping them from working at all. As a result, Team FOLON has opted to delay the update in order to ensure that the things which break due to the update can be fixed. 

When will Fallout: London be released?

Fallout: London no longer has an exact release date. In addition to complications from needing to ensure compatibility once the big current-generation update arrives, the install size of the mod — it's somewhere between 30 to 40GB — means that it can't be released on Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5, and will only be available on Windows PC. 

Finding a host for such a large file size is also causing problems, but the team is having conversations with GOG, and appear to have a path forward for providing the mod to anyone that owns Fallout 4 through Steam, GOG, or hopefully the Epic Games Store. 

Because the team doesn't know the extent of the fixes that will be needed, an exact release window can't be provided. It might be just a few days, or it could be a couple of months.

Analysis: An unfortunate but obvious decision

While I know this news will be disappointing to anyone who has been looking forward to this mod (including myself!) it's not shocking news. Updates means things change, and with Bethesda games, that means mods need extra work to ensure they work. The Fallout: London development team is talented — to the point that Bethesda previously hired their lead writer — and I'm sure they'll get this done as quickly as humanly possible.

In the meantime, if you're looking to get a Fallout fix a different way, there is a franchise-wise sale right now with all the games and DLC deeply discounted. Combined with the well-received Fallout TV series (read my review here), this has caused a player count resurgence for the entire franchise.

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