Finally, we are getting wraps for the Xbox Series S — but not from Xbox (yet)

Extreme Consoles wraps for Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Extreme Consoles)

What you need to know

  • UK-based Extreme Consoles are in the process of making wraps for the Xbox Series S.
  • Official Xbox Series X wraps started shipping in November, but we've yet to hear about wraps for the Xbox Series S.
  • Extreme Consoles will ship internationally and will be making Starfield and Camo wraps for the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series X wraps are a fantastic idea, an easy way to customize your Xbox with a velcro fastening wrap, with no sticky residue. So far though, despite the Xbox Series X getting both Starfield and Mineral/Camo wraps for its fancy onesie, we've had no news on when the Xbox Series S will get it's pyjamas.

Thankfully, a UK company that specializes in customizing consoles and controllers is coming through with a solution while we impatiently wait for our official Xbox version of the wrap, and have shared some photos on Twitter of Starfield and Camo designs that will soon be ready to ship internationally for the Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S magnetic smart wraps are 'coming soon'

Extreme Consoles wraps for Xbox Series S

Extreme Consoles have made a pink camo wrap too! (Image credit: Extreme Consoles)

UK-based Extreme Consoles specialize in customizing controllers and consoles and currently have over 21 thousand followers on Twitter (some people call it X). Many have already been clamoring for details about the wraps and when they will be available.

Thankfully, Extreme Consoles have confirmed that they ship internationally, so US readers need not be left out of the fun when these wraps launch officially. We've not word yet on when they will be available, however the company have so far teased Starfield, Mineral Camo, Arctic Camo and even a Pink Camo design.

If you have an Xbox Series X, you already have a variety of Series X console wraps to choose from officially from Microsoft. They aren't cheap with prices starting from $44.99, but they are extremely good quality as you can see for yourself in our Starfield wrap review. Unfortunately, Xbox Series S users are still waiting for our chance at customization. Time will tell what quality these third-party wraps will be and what price point we are looking at here, but I may be tempted to get the pink one... for science of course.

We certainly hope Xbox is watching as it's clear there is demand for Xbox Series S wraps, we want them and we want them now!

Xbox Series X console wraps

Xbox Series X console wraps (from $44.99)

Microsoft's new Xbox Series X wraps let you customize the look and style of your console without, you know, buying a whole ass new console. It's a great solution that offers a ton of potential. 

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