Govee unveils TV Backlight T2 with dual camera, more light beads per meter, and better color accuracy

Govee Enveisual TV Backlight T2
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What you need to know

  • Govee recently announced its TV Backlight T2, a dual-camera color-match TV backlight system.
  • The TV Backlight T2 captures 354,000 pixel dots per half-second to match the color of backlighting to content on a screen.
  • The Govee Backlight is on sale now for $140 for the 55-65-inch model.

Govee announced the TV Backlight T2 recently. The system uses a dual-camera setup to color-match TV backlighting to content on a screen. Govee claims that it's the world's first dual-camera color-match TV backlight. The TV Backlight T2 comes in two sizes, a 55-65-inch model that's available now in the United States for $140. A larger 75-85-inch version will launch in the United States in October.

The TV Backlight T2 captures 354,000 pixel dots per half-second, which is a bit more than double its predecessor. That increase improves color-matching accuracy by 40%, according to Govee. The lighting of the system includes 60 RGBIC light beads per meter, which is also double the previous generation. It can show several colors within a single segment as well.

In addition to syncing backlights to content on a screen, the system can sync with Govee smart lights. The entire setup is controllable through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants.

The TV Backlight T2 works with CEC, HDMI, DolbyVision, and select streaming services.

Govee is a well-known name if you're into home-lighting systems. Our Managing Editor Daniel Rubino, who has as many backlights as anyone, reviewed the Govee DreamView T1 Pro TV earlier this year. It received a 4.5/5 for its ease of setup, good color reproduction, and integration with Google, Siri, and Alexa. It earned bonus points for working with PCs as well. Based on Govee's specs, the TV Backlight T2 should have many of the same positives. We'll have a full review in the future.

Govee T2 Backlight T2 | From $140

Govee T2 Backlight T2 | From $140

This system uses a dual-camera setup to detect colors on a TV or PC. It then replicates those colors on a strip of lights you can attach to the back of your display. It can sync with other smart lights from Govee and is controllable with voice assistants.

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